Life is a Mystery Quotes.


Life is a mystery. One minute you think you know it all and the next minute everything seems new and strange. Inspite of this, it is worth living. Every moment is a learning experience and every lesson learned opens the doors to a fresh begining. It feels like reaching the end of a tunnel and a bright light washes off the dark films in your eyes, giving you the opportunity to see things in a different way.

Sometimes it is moving from from harship to the next and at other times it is monving from glory to glory. It just dépends on what you are chasing. however, one thing is sure… life is full of mysteries and it takes a series of processes to unveil each mystery.

As we age, our desires change and so too do our paths. But whatever the desire may be, there is a process involved to either reach it or get it. So if you like  babies, don’t hate sex because that is how to get pregnant. In the same way, if you like anything, don’t hate the process to getting it.  For example, someone who desires wealth should be willing to learn about management, productivity and faith because these three things are what you would need to transform ordinary things to extraordinary ones.

Such is the reason why our trials are unique no matter how similar they may look because we all have different goals, desires, dreams, etc and  our paths have been uniquely designed to achieve it. Once those dreams have been planted in us, they become our mission on earth and God will stop at nothing to teach us all we need to accomplish that mission and turn that dream to a reality.

Thus consider your challenges as a process of getting the things you desire. Nature subjects you to certain situations to teach you what you must learn if you must get what you want. Thus whenever you find yourself in difficult moments, understand that there is a reason for it and it is definitely leading you to some place good. I like the way the bible puts this… äll things work for the good for them that love God.” Breakthrough is always on the other side of the road, so never give up. Remember the darkest hours are the hours near dawn

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