Little Acts of Kindness

Have you ever been somewhere and in need of a favor and someone offers to help you? How did you feel? I’m sure the response is obvious. Kindness is magical. It makes people feel special., pub-3327897978149991, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

At every point in time, there are people either below or above us. Thus don’t sit back and wait for favors from those above you but also  remember that those below you are waiting as well. Don’t always be on the receiving side. Challenge yourself to being kind to others.  No act of kindness goes unrewarded.

Little acts of kindness:

Call a loved one and check on them

Complement people who don’t expect it

Encourage people who think they have failed

Share a meal with someone who is hungry

Spare a dollar for a charitable course

Visit someone who is lonely.

Share a joke with people who feel stressed.

Offer your seat to an elderly

Forgive people who offend you

Lend a helping hand to someone in need.

Don’t minimize any act of kindness. Irrespective of how small it is, it will always make a difference.

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