How To Make A Man Fall In Love On First Date

Do you sometimes wonder why some women always seem to have the great guys around? It is because they know how to keep their men’s  imagination on the wild without revealing too much. If you want to be in that confident league, below is how to make a man fall in love with you from the very first date.

Body Language: Avoid too much talking especially when on the first date. Let your eyes keep him gazing and let your body keep him wondering. This is not about dressing too sexy and revealing. Men like sexy women but they like that sexiness to be kept for their personal entertainment, and not shown to the public. Thus let you body language express confidence, security and self esteem.

Smile: A warm smile speaks louder than words. It makes a man feel welcome and puts him at ease with you. Men hate pretense and as such enjoy the company of those with whom they can be themselves. A good smile tells him you are comfortable he’s around and he too gets to feel same. Speak constructively: Being productive in your conversations is very attractive and challenging to men. Men love women that challenge their intelligence in a teasing manner. In other words, doesn’t sound like you know too much. Rather make your conversations sound like you have an opinion but won’t mind to hear his point of view.

Avoid too many questions. In as much as questions are good because they give you an insight of others, some women are too interrogative. No man wants an FBI for a girlfriend/woman. If you need answers to something, don’t sound too obvious. Make him reveal the things you want to know by asking general questions. Take it easy with the ques tions; you will get to know more about him with time.

Humour: Don’t be too serious when you are with him. A good sense o humour is an attraction to every man. This is because nature makes men too serious, busy with one calculation or the other. A woman with a good sense of humour is like the solution to a stressful day. However, don’t overdo it because it would be taken for clown.

Appearance. You need to look good and kempt. Wear good clothes (not  necessarily expensive) but fitting and stylish. Avoid very revealing clothes because you only drive their minds to one thing (sex). But if you want a man to fall in love with you, you need to keep his imagination running wild, thinking what is beneath the smile, the dress etc. Don’t be too obvious unless you just want a one night stand.

Don’t be too demanding: In as much as men like to feel important and  needed, they hate to feel exploited. As such avoid being overly demanding. Don’t make him pay for everything you do, eat and wear. Having some financial independence means you are not a burden. Real men will offer to pay the bill but make an attempt to share the bill and let him ask you not to bother about it.

Don’t be too available. Some women are fun to be with within th first two weeks of a relationship after which they act crazy. Take it easy on the calls text messages, visits etc. They become clingy and  expect the man to do same. Men naturally enjoy what they earn better than what is available. That which seems to be always available is often taken for granted.

By Aileen Kedze; Contributor

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