The Power of Nature and Man

The Power of nature is in it’s total reflection of mankind. It is so beautiful. It is one of the things that make the existence of God undeniable. This morning as I walked pass some trees in my neighbourhood, I noticed something really beautiful. One of the trees had its branches beautifully spread out and it’s leaves glowed in different colours. As I looked on, I realized that the different colours of the leaves shows the strengths and weaknesses of man. Some of the leaves were completely dry and others were greenish yellow yet there were some that were completely green , all on the same tree.

Yes I know that the process of photosynthesis and seasonal changes have answers to these colour differences but may be, just maybe, if we looked into it deeply we will things clearer.

Just like the leaves on the tree, all benefiting from the same natural resources, they have different reactions to it. In the same way, we all have access to the same sun, air, and rain but it reacts differently in us. We all hear the word of God but it plays differently in us. We all go to school but we leave with different results. We all eat but some get sick from it while others get health. We are all loved but some take it for granted while others deny to see it.

The green leaves are like the fresh converts and those who stand firm in Christ. They are like those who are goal oriented and hope for success. They are like those full of hope and live a life of gratitude and appreciation.

The greenish yellow are those who may be seating on the fence. Those who want to be in Christ but enjoy a little time off. They are also a reflection of us who are willing but weak. Those who glow when all is right and shut down when things get tough.

The brown leaves are like those who have completely given up and do not care. They have chosen their path and don’t mind falling off the branch. They are gloomy and have no hope.

Did you know that even in Winter when all the trees shed their leaves, not all leaves fall to the grown? Those are the really strong people, who stand firm against all adversaries.

The big question now is where do you stand? Which of the leaves is a reflection of you?

Isn’t life beautiful in how it shows us a reflection of ourselves in everything we do?

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