Never Give Up. Life is a Riddle

With peseverance, you can reach any height. Thus stand firm even if you haven’t recorded any success yet. Never give up nor lose faith, be it in the things you set out to do or desires of your heart. Keep trusting in the accomplishment of all your dreams and above all, trust God who implanted those dreams and visions in your mind.

One thing you must remember is that everything you have, from your family, dreams, goals, ambitions, and business etc are a gift from God and He gives only what has been established. In other words, He has seen the end of it before putting it in your care. Thus don’t frustrate the success by giving up.

Know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, to either learn something new or improve on something you already knew.There are lessons to learn from your current stage of life and there are decisions to be made to usher in the next phase. Don’t forget that Gold is only precious after passing through the fire. To give up is to wait for a life of regrets. Thus be patient as growth takes a process.

When a farmer plants a seed, he waits patiently for it to sprout and he continues norishing the soil until the harvest is ready. Such is what is expected of those who pursue thier dreams. Most people failed because they gave up after sevral trials rather than pesevering till the end. If 10 attempts failed, push on to the 11th attempt for that is where the victory is.

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