Our wishes…

They came in with talks of peace and promises of plenty.

They made us work and dig

And with joy we did

Our songs of love kept us strong

As on the dreams of tomorrow we hung.

With our children on our backs we dug

Motivated about their future we dug and dug until the hills became plains.

With satisfaction we smiled at the work of hands.

Hugging, kissing and celebrating as we sang

But with the setting of the sun all was gone

Our hard work turned into pain and hurt

They tricked us.

They were selfish. Ah! so mean and selfish.

Now in the quiet of our homes,

And with heavy hearts we cry

How we wished someone would hear us

In a world where peace is preached but tyranny is practiced.

How we wished we could freely share our views and ideas

And still be a life to hug and guide our kids.

It feels like a secret scared of exposure

God be our helper!

Though they be wishes today,

Tomorrow would be different.

So we wish…

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