How to Overcome Frustrations. 5 Simple But Effective Steps

To overcome frustration, one has to remain steadfast on the results and not the problem.  Frustration is everybody’s nightmare. You know that feeling that comes with self doubts which make you feel fade up. You ask yourself questions like … why are things not working for me? It is such a terrible feeling and it sucks up so much energy from a person. However, if it hasn’t killed you, there is always hope. Below are some simple but effective steps that will bring you relieve.

Live the Moment:

Plan for the furture but don’t let it control today. Live everyday as it is given unto you. Making plans for the future is awesome but if you keep your mind always living in the future, you would easily be  frustrated by the high disparity between that future and the moment. Thus keep your mind on the present, in anticipation for the future. This is not to say you should not visualize the future, but if your mind is not given a moment to walk through the present, you will only attract thoughts that will make you think the worst, and this would cause you lots of frustration.

Appreciate the Present:

Look at the things you have at the moment and be thankful for them. Be mindful of where you have been and where you are at the moment. For example, look at what you have accomplished or learned since the beginning of the year, or the start of the month, week or day; and you will definitely find something to be thankful for. If you can not appreciate a hundred dollar, you would certainly despise a thousand. So try to appreciate the present, for though things may not be where you want, you are still alive and that alone is means all hope is not lost.

Improve the moment:

Look for ways of making things better. If you have not achieved your dreams yet, find ways of making your current situation better. Look at where the weakness is and work on it. For example, you may be frustrated over your current financial state, rather than worry about all the hardship it might cause you, get busy with a plan of action on how to make it better. Start a business, get a job, sell out something you no longer need etc.

Change Your Mindset:

Don’t be in the habit of thinking your furstrations are caused by people etc. Train your mind to always look for lessons behind the frustrations and gladly take such lessons into your life because it would change a lot of things for the better.

The Word of God:

Nothing will work well for you without God. In this world there is no sitting on the fence. You are either with God or with the Enemy and your choice will influence greatly your expériences. If you are for God, the better for you because His words will make a lot of difference in your life. Thus look for words that promise healing, peace, restoration etc depending on your area of crisis and meditate on it. Think about it, speak it, etc. That is how to bring about breakthrough. The words of God are Spirit and they are life. Thus speak it on your situation and be sure they will not return void.

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