The Power of Perception. Those Who Think Right , See Clearly

Your heart and mind are among your greatest treasures. What you think and feel determines what see in life because true reality is what lies behind the eyes.

Very often, what you see is not necessarily the reality. If you let your eyes determine your perceptions, you will never know the true reality because the eyes often limited to what is in front of it. Most times the problem in a photograph is not the image but the angle of the camera lens. A wrongly positioned camera will always distort a beautiful image. 

If all you do is complaint about stuff, all you will probably see would be faults and many more reasons to complaint. But if you choose to see the good, you are very likely to see lots of opportunities than problems, giving you more reasons to be grateful. This is because only goodness can stir up goodness.

In every problem there is an opportunity. Crack open every challenge you face and you will see clearly, the actual reality of that problem. It is success wrapped in a process. It is like a door to the stair case, leading to an exit.

Readjust your perceptions and you will better appreciate the beauty of life.

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