The power of Appreciation: The Magic of Thanks.

Appreciation is one thing that can make a day and even change a life. Everyone feels good when appreciated and so we find ourselves always seeking credit for the things we do.

Appreciation is the most important source of motivation. “Those who praise are always raised, while those who complain always remain”. The reason is simple! To appreciate yourself is to appreciate God who made you. We are part of nature and when you appreciate yourself, you appreciate nature and all that God made and this only brings you more to be thankful for. Every time you give thanks, your eyes are raised and in the sky, there are no stumbling blocks but beautiful clouds and free space. All you see are opportunities! But in complains, you despise the work of God and interestingly those who complain do so with their eyes to the ground and as such, all they see are stumbling blocks because the ground is full of gravel and stones, which keep them from going ahead. They just feel stuck.

Thus we must learn to appreciate ourselves in acknowledgment of who we are, in thanksgiving to God. Appreciate the things that make you special. Start every day with  5 minutes of appreciation in front of the mirror while you brush your teeth or comp your hair. Thank God because you are beautifully and wonderfully made. Unique in the things you do like no other. Called to a purpose which only you can accomplish. You are a superman/superwoman. Being ignorant of these things doesn’t cancel their existence in you.

Love the sound of your name. You are a child of God! Imagine God…with or without man He is God, all Knowing and all Powerful. He doesn’t need our praise to be God. Thus as a child of God emulate this.

Simply put, know who you are and love every bit of it. Don’t wait to be defined by others because their definitions might be very misleading. Be bold and confident in who you are. When appreciation starts within you, everyone else has no choice but to dance to the tune you play. Those who can’t dance along will definitely cheer you on.

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