The Power of Spoken Words…

If you speak foolishly, you will surly act without thinking and the results will do you no good. Words are so powerful that when used right, they feel like fresh water on a sunny day; but when wrongly used, they feel like fire. They can either burn the things we have, and bring the ones we despise or bring the things we need. Positive words are like decrees and commands sent out to work for your good. If your words are full of junk, they will certainly be as good as cholesterol-they only cause harm to the body.

Your words are a total representation of who you are, your beliefs and your fears. Good words come from a free and peaceful heart. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. A good tree brings forth good fruits but a poor tree brings forth bad fruit.   Remember always that the tree here refers to your heart.

Every word you speak either builds or breaks, encourages or discourage, bless or curse. Consider your words to be like seeds thrown into the soil. You life is fertile ground and every word you speak is a seed on to it. Good words will produce a good harvest and negative words will make the farmer cry. For example, look at the life of the negative people you know in your life and you would notice a pattern. Their experiences are often in alignment with the words they speak.

It is therefore important to use positive words in your life. Begin by letting go of all bitterness, and work on renewing your mind and heart. Good words will definitely come from a peaceful and hopeful heart. Let the words you speak bring forth the things you need.

Reflection: Mathew 7:17. Ephesians 4:29.

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