The Power Confessions: The Reward of Good Words…

Our confessions can either save us or curse us. They either bring us what our hearts need or what our hearts despise. Positive confessions make life a lot better but this is only true when the mouth says what the heart truly believes. If your words have no link to your heart, they are as good as dirty water-they only make a mess.

Happiness originates from your thoughts but the real deal is a reflection of good words from a free and peaceful heart. When you think of something continuously, you build a strong conviction in your heart on that thought either consciously or unconsciously and out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. A good and happy heart will bring forth good things. Nature is meant to release on to us the things we sow into it.

Some people are overwhelmingly negative and live in constant fear and their fears  are likely to manifest at every opportunity. The reason is because when you think about something so strongly, it becomes a believe and whatever you believe in , you receive it. You can consider your fears as the opposite of faith. Faith brings about the good because it is connected to God and fear brings about negative because it is linked to evil.  For example, if you think you will break a leg if you jump, and you think about this so much that you become so scared of jumping; the moment you decide to jump, you are likely to have an injury. That fear supplies the injury because that is what you are unconsciously prepared for and expecting. But interestingly if you jump by accident (unconsciously), you are very likely not to have an injury because at that point, you were not operating under fear and whenever fear is absent, faith takes the lead. Whenever you are not expecting a negative, the positive is always supplied because during those moments, faith is in action.

It is therefore important to make your confessions positive. Begin by training  your mind to generate more positive thoughts. Remember, out of the treasure of good, good things will be brought forth. Let the words you speak bring forth the things you need. Below are some tips on how to train your mind to think the faith way and generate positive confessions.

Tips on positive thinking:

Build a stronger relationship with God

Improve upon your relationship with God. Faith comes from hearing the word of God. Read scriptures that pertains to your particular situation. Read until you can get the message behind the stories. Understanding the word of God comes through meditation on the scriptures. Pick out the phrases from the scriptures that strike you and ponder on it, and call on the Holy Spirit to open your mind to understand the message. This form of meditation draws you closer to God and cause you to trust Him with everything.

Replace a negative thoughts with its exact opposite.

Once a negative thought pops up, you have to acknowledge it and endeavor to replace it with a constructive one. Think of the exact opposite of the fear or negative thought that creeps into your mind. for example, if you fear failing an exam, so much that the fear is keeping you bothered, you just might truly fail if you do nothing about that thought. So when the thoughts of failing come up, replace it with success in the exams.

Be consistent

As it is often said, practice makes perfect. In case you experience inner resistance and difficulties when replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, do not give up. Rather keep focusing on the opposite and start saying them aloud to yourself. These are your confessions/affirmations—that which is said repeatedly is registered by your mind and that which your mind registers influences your behavior and your speech. The connection of all these transforms your experiences. The best confessions are often linked to scriptures because they increase your faith and trust in God.

Use positive words

Use positive words in your inner dialogues. Inner dialogues are those conversations you have with yourself. Endeavor to make them positive by complementing yourself. Self appreciation is key to great inner dialogues. Write down the things you like about you and remind yourself of them daily.

Smile a lot more

Smile a little more. Challenge yourself to a smile every day even when there’s nothing to smile about. It will gradually be a habit. Smiles generate positive feelings. It doesn’t matter what circumstances you face. Train your mind to attract your desires. If what you face is not what you desire use your mind to attract what you desire. God has given you that power.

Fear is not an easy thing to get rid of especially if your environment is putting you in a tight corner but if you trust God with your fears, you will receive the faith you need to continuously shut down the negative. “Come to me all you who labor and I will give you rest.” The fear in you is a burden so take it to the Lord God.

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