The Power of Expectation. How it Works!

Expectation is such a powerful force that can bring forth every heart desire into manifestation. In my understanding, to be in expectation is to be in waiting for something with a strong desire for whatever that thing is.  Expectation can be positive or negative and whichever one you are on, will bear fruits. If you are expecting the positive, the positive will manifest. If you are expecting the negative, the negative will equally manifest. However, I want to dwell on the positive expectations.

The Power in Expectation and How it Works.

The link between your success  and future is expectation. In expectations, you train your conscious mind to look forward to receiving what your subconscious mind visualizes. Thus it has the power to manifest your supply, either in the direction of abundance, or lack, depending on what your subconscious mind focuses on. That is because as you expect, your subconscious mind becomes aligned with the conscious mind in a similar interest and this process unites the subconscious mind or better still known as the soul and the conscious mind (body soul and spirit). At this stage whatever that demand is, it would manifest. Note that your soul  is your connection with the supernatural. It is your God given servant and whatever demand you make of it , it will receive it from the supernatural and give to you.

Why You Do Not Have What You Desire

  1. No connection between the subconscious and the conscious mind. When we desire something so strongly, the subconscious mind receives your interest, it tries to communicate with your conscious mind so as to bring it to concurrence. When the body, soul and spirit are in agreement on something, it must be delivered. Unfortunately many people don’t get their heart desires because they don’t arrive this point of unity. They pray for something or desire something , visualize it but are unable to believe it by making their minds accept the possibility of it.  The mind is often distracted by what it sees and so when you desire things beyond your physical reality, your mind starts telling you it’s not possible and this kills your visualization. This is the reason affirmations are very important. When the mind is distracted by the  impossible reality before you, a repetition of words that speak life into your particular situation tames the mind to adhere to the demands of the soul.  When the your conscious mind and subconscious mind are in unity, faith comes into play and your desire is manifested
  2. No actions to prove your faith.  Don’t end with affirmations, but back up that desire with appropriate actions for that is what further unites the mind and the subconscious mind. Let your actions show prove of faith, by doing the things you hoped for. For example, you might be in need of a child or a spouse but for some reasons you don’t think it is possible. The way out to this is to visualize yourself with your dream spouse and children. Do this repeatedly until you start feeling good about the desire and the possibility of having it. At this point, your present situation may cause you to doubt which is what the conscious mind is good at because it dwells on the physical reality. Such is the time when you get into your bible and find you some promises of God on that situation and use it as your affirmations. Say it repeatedly until your mind abides. When your mind unites with the visions of your subconscious mind, it creates the expectation and the manifestation would definitely take place.
  3. Doubts: Our expectations can sometimes be altered by the physical realities especially for those who claim they are being realistic. Always know that the physical world is just one portion of what God created, for there exist also the supernatural which is far beyond your imagination. Our words, believes, visualizations and expectations are what connects us with the supernatural, a place where there is great abundance and everything is possible but which is only reachable by our soul and spirit.  Thus while the body is doubting it’s abilities because of what it sees, the soul and the spirit see an endless supply of what you desire. So use the word of God to bring your mind in union with your soul and spirit.

Expectation is the action behind your believe and visualization. When you desire something and believe you have received it, you put your mind in expectation and your soul makes the demand on the supernatural. To believe you have received is to bring your mind and your subconscious mind to unity on that desire which is what makes expectation  an act of faith. If you do not expect, you cannot receive.Thus don’t walk by what you see because you have no idea of the things you cannot see. Rather walk always by faith in expectation of whatever it is you seek and you will receive it. This is the surest path to success

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