Your Subconscious Mind Simplified

Very often we hear about the subconscious mind and how it influences the experiences we have in life. In a simple word, the subconscious mind is man’s soul. It is the part of man that is  like an empty book and whatever is written on it is carried out to the very least. The subconscious mind has no control of its own and so can not decide for itself what stays on it and what doesn’t. Whatever your mind puts on it, is done in details. Thus training it for the right things is very important. It is for such reasons that your conscious mind and your super conscious mind (spirit) continuously wrestle for control over the subconscious mind.Which ever one takes control, determines the kind of experiences you have. If a person is controlled by his conscious mind, he misses out on his God given purpose because very often that person will be leaving in fears ad limitations. But if someone is controlled by his super conscious mind, he lives in faith and with faith, and positive experiences. This is because only your spirit knows God’s plans for you so at any point you give it control, you tap into your purpose and it releases all God had put in it for you to accomplish that purpose.

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3 Easy ways to tickle your subconscious/soul

  • Stay positive: Staying positive is about looking at every situation with hope. It is about looking for your path even in the dark.In other words, never giving up. When you keep a positive mind, your subconscious gets to work on that which you hope for. When challenges come, it is normal to break or feel hurt but it is important to look on the bright side. An easier way of doing this is by looking for the lessons in challenge and hoping for the better. When the subconscious mind dwells on the positive, it places a demand on the spirit ( your super conscious) which in turn releases for you all which God has made for you to accomplish your purpose. On the other hand when the subconscious focuses on the negative,  it is in denial of God’s plan and as such the spirit lays quiet and such a person is left at the mercy of negative forces which brings more darkness to the person.
  • Positive affirmations: Affirmations are statements, or proclamations. When one makes positive affirmations, the words get registered on the subconscious mind and creates expectations on the subconscious mind. Worthy of note is the fact that whatever we register on the subconscious mind we attract.
  • Trust in God Almighty: Trusting in God keeps you connected to the source and keeps your spirit afloat. By this your spirit will be in control of your subconscious mind and it ill also influence the thoughts on your mind. When the spirit is in control, all things are possible because it is connected to the Almighty God, the Creator whose power is infinite and with Him all things are possible.

Therefore it is important to stay in positive energy always keeping hope. With hope, there is faith and with faith, all things are possible. In faith the subconscious mind stays always in positive expectations and the spirit (super conscious) receives it from the abundance which God has created and releases it to you. Tickling your subconscious mind positively brings a rewarding experience to the individual.

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