3 Simple Ways to Tickle Your Subconscious Mind

Very often we hear about the subconscious mind and how it influences the experiences we have in life. In a simple word, the subconscious mind is man’s soul. It is the part of man that isĀ  like an empty book and whatever is written on it is carried out to the very least. The subconscious mind has no control of its own and so cannot decide for itself what stays on it and what doesn’t. It depends on your conscious effort to give it instructions which come in the form of predominant thought.

Your predominant thought is considered as things you have accepted and as such they must come to pass. What you accept you receive. Thus it is important to fill your mind with thoughts of faith.


3 Easy ways to tickle your subconscious

Stay positive:

Staying positive is about looking at every situation with hope. It is about looking for your path even in the dark. In other words, never giving up. When you keep a positive mind, your subconscious gets to work on that which you hope for. For example, looking for the lessons in every challenge will increase your hope for a better days ahead.

Positive affirmations:

Affirmations are confessions. When you make positive affirmations, the words get registered on your subconscious mind and creates expectations on the subconscious mind. We only expect the things we have accepted and whatever we accept we receive.


Meditating on the word of God:

This is reading your bible and pondering upon the words and phrases read. The more you do this, the more knowledge you get by revelations from the Holy Spirit, the more hope is built in you, and the more positive you become. All these keep your conscious mind in check and it influences its predominant thought, giving the subconscious mind good seeds to grow.

Therefore it is important to stay in a positive energy always keeping your hope alive. With hope, there is faith and with faith, all things are possible. Tickling your subconscious mind positively will bring you a rewarding experience.

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