Principled Living. Crack Up Your Seeds

A life without principles is a recipe for disaster because irrespective of the glories you might think you achieve, you end up in shame and guilt. But a life with principle is like a passport with needs no visas. You have free entry where ever you think will add value to your life. You simply chase the values and not the pleasures. With principles you will not just live life, but enjoy living.

A principled life is your innermost strength. It is the passport to a successful and happy life. Nature will always reward people for every effort and principled living puts nature to work in your favor. It helps you to water the seeds in you to germinate in to some fine stuffs you need to fill fulfilled. Below are some principles are worth emulating…

Give and the intention in your heart as you give will be given to you. If it is a good name you want, you would receive applause or fame. If it is generosity to want, more money would be given to you and if it is love, love you shall get in return. and the beauty with giving for love is that love comes back with all kinds of good things.

Live in appreciation and God will favor you. He will let nature release your heart desires to you.

Respect your elders and you will gain respect from those below you and recognition from those ahead of you.

Fear God and you will gain wisdom. Wisdom comes with all that man needs to live a fulfilled life.

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