Regrets can be such an enemy to progress! It feels like living in the past and never seeing the road to the future. It is a constant reminder of shame and self disgust. The strange thing with life is that everyone gets to experience regrets at one point or the other. But the victory is in overcoming the shameful past, before it grows into something too big for your new self to handle.The “new self” because regrets only come when people realize themselves and can see mistakes of their past.

Regrets often comes when we find ourselves around the company of those who witnessed our old lives or our past mistakes. At other times, it comes as a result of a similar situation we faced in the past. It could even be seeing someone living the life you lived and making the errors you made but you find it difficult advising that personĀ  for fear of judgment. Thus shun the company that brings you to your negative past. If your advice is ever needed on something you once did but is no longer proud of, be bold enough to admit the errors of that path and speak with wisdom on the way forward and not the shame.

Though regrets are often negative, there is a positive side to it which is the fact that it brings you to the consciousness of that error and keeps you in check from repeating it. Such is the right view to regrets. Don’t make it a thing for self judgment because it will hold you down.

Overcoming regrets is a good step towards self development. If you see the situation as a learning point, you can easily move pass it. What has happened has happened. Don’t wish to turn the hands of time because that will never happen, unless you were living in an imaginary time machine. You can only redirect your steps by making sure you don’t repeat the same errors. Whatever your source of regret is, don’t focus on that shame. Rather look forward to making things better. If you hurt someone intentionally or by error, rather than regret your actions, challenge yourself to making them proud of the new you. It doesn’t matter what the situation was. Crying over spilled milk has never put the milk back in a bottle.

Stop living in regrets and move on. Without that error you would not have come this far. The fact that you regret it is an indication that you have grown and now know that you can make things better. Show your sense of maturity by working on the lesson and not the shame.

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