The Benefits to Knowing & Living Your Purpose.

People talk about dreams and living a life of purpose, but very often, purpose is mistaken for goals. Your purpose is not the goals you set out for yourself. Unlike goals which depend on your ambitions in life, purpose is a calling. It is your mission. You can choose a goal, but you cannot choose a mission.

No one chooses a purpose and no one stumbles on it. You have to seek it, to find it; and if who choose to honor it you are sure to end up with double achievement- of goals and purpose. It makes achievements sweet and fulfilling. It is very important therefore to find your purpose if you want to be successful and fully accomplished. You can achieve your goals and still miserable, but when you achieve your purpose you feel at peace with yourself and the success that comes with it, also brings accomplishment of goals.

Many who have found their purpose/calling continuously celebrate successes in other areas of life.

Knowing your purpose comes with a huge reward.

Success is guaranteed.

Purpose comes with a complete renewal of mind and change of attitude. You stop walking in the foot prints of others and start redefining yours, acknowledging and appreciating  every mile stone. When you find purpose, you fling open the gates of your life for God to work in you and honor his name, because purpose is divine. With God at work, success is guaranteed in every area of your life. As purpose is fulfilled, dreams become realities. Simply put, you become a magnet for happiness and success.

Self discovery:

In every one of us, there are tons of special abilities which can only be found when we finally come to the realization of who we are and what we are meant to do. Like the wine in your cupboard reserved for special guests, so too are such abilities meant for special use. You might think you already know your talents but when you come to know your purpose, you would be amazed at how much more you would find in you.

Inner peace and fulfilment.

When you find your purpose, you live each day with the understanding of who you are. People who know their purpose don’t invest their energy on envy, and competition. There is so much inner peace knowing that only you can do the things you are called to do. There is even more peace is seeing how much positive impact you contribute to the lives of others as you embark on your purpose because in purpose there is service. This brings you so much peace which no amount of money can buy. (Isaiah 26:3)

Purpose is divine and you can not find it without seeking the face of God. It is among the many things we ought to seek. Those who find it always find peace.

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