The Reward That Comes With Knowing Your Purpose

People talk about dreams and living a life with purpose. However they often misunderstand what purpose is all about it. There is a purpose in life and there is a goal towards your dreams. Our goals are aligned with our dreams but our purpose is our earthly mission. It may have not have a direct connection with your goals but your goals can contribute to it’s fulfillment.  To better understand it, you can consider your purpose to be your calling which is the reason for which you were sent to this earth. It is your service to humanity which at the end of the day serves the sole purpose of glorifying  God.

Many who have found their purpose/calling often achieve a higher level of success in their dreams. That is because knowledge of one’s purpose/calling comes with all that you need to accomplish it. You can not accomplish your purpose in life without achieving your dreams because very often our dreams facilitate the accomplishment of one’s purpose. Some have been called to inventions, others to teach, preach and cater for the poor and needy; others again to save lives in various fields and yet some to encourage/motivate. Only those who get to know their purpose actually live a fulfilling life because they stop walking in the shoes of others. They stop trying to accomplish other people’s dreams. They become a magnet for happiness and success.

Knowing your purpose comes with a huge reward.

  • Success; There is a thin line between dreams and calling and failure to connect the two could to lead to a life of wealth without fulfillment. But connecting your dreams to your purpose makes success very rewarding. Sometimes the reasons we continue to fail in our endeavors is because we are chasing the wrong dreams and the wrong calling. For example you find some rich business men still saying they are not happy and you look at the money they have and you wonder what on earth could be making them sad. If you do not know your purpose/calling, you would find yourself chasing dreams which were not meant for you. There are times you walk into a community and everyone is doing the same line of business but only a few are successful at it. This may have nothing to do with expertise. It may just be that the ones who are succeeding at it know the role the business has to play with their calling and are using it for that purpose. While those who are struggling and not making it may be chasing something not meant for them.
  • Self discovery: Very often we have special talents but rarely exploit because we unaware of. Such talents remain silent in us until we know what we are called to be before they surface to help us achieve that purpose. You might already your talents but when you know your talents, you would realize that you are loaded with much more than you ever thought. In every one of us, there are special abilities which may go to the grave without ever surfacing because they are special and meant for that special purpose.
  • Fulfillment: When you find your purpose, you live each day trying to accomplish it and every step you make brings you so much peace which no amount of money can buy. Irrespective of how much money you earn, without fulfillment, you can still find yourself in depression.

Your purpose or calling is more of spiritual thing than t is a physical thing. You can get a clue to your purpose by the pattern in your life but in all seek the face of God for directions. You would be amazed at the tons of qualities in you you would discover which are meant to facilitate your calling.

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