The Reward of a True Confession. Things You Didn’t Know.

A true confession is the best way to empty the mind and enjoy peace. It can be done directly to the people we have wronged or in the silience of our rooms, especially when we are unable to reach out to those we have wronged. This is because the most important thing in a confession is letting go of the burden you carry.  The guilt is what attracts the pain and karma in an unconfessed sin. Guilts keeps people under self pressure and can generate to many other evils. Below are reasons why you should get rid of that burden you are carrying.It might be for reasons beyond our control but the cause doesn’t reduce the impact of the guilt. It doesn’t really matter why you did it, so long as you can’t forgive yourself for doing it, you need to confess it. Dwelling on the reasons why you did what you did, only gives you room for more excuses to live in guilt.

Healing for the mind:

Confessions brings healing to the mind. Guilt is self imprisonment and a confession opens the door of that prison and sets you free. Thus it is not for the benefit of anyone else but the person confessing. If you see confession as a form of personal healing and improvement, you would see that every confession you make relieves you of a burden.  It keeps you in self check and you would find yourself being cautious to avoid history from repeating itself.

Dissolve the effects of karma:

It is often said that what goes around comes around and such is karma. The things you do to others always have a way of finding their way back to you. It is like falling in your own trap. But one thing that frees people from the law of karma is confession. In confession, you dissolve and render powerless the bad words from your mouths. Remember that words are spirit and they never return void. It is same with the thoughts we harbor. They will definitely bring forth their kind. Thus a confession breaks one free from such bondage. It clears the mind.


It doesn’t matter what excuse we make for ourselves, guilt is harmful to our being and so we need to let go of it.

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