Self Judgment, You are better than that!

Self judgment is an awful feeling. It keeps us within the confines of our shame and limitations.  When life comes with its lessons, some people quickly receive them and bounce back while others continue to blame themselves for the situations that brought the lessons. They can’t go past the errors they made and thus live in self blame, criticizing themselves continuously for their wrongs and weaknesses. This poor judgement of self is often our self made enemy. It is  our setback to opportunities

To over come this is to understand that “What has happened has happened.” Everyone has done something crazy or despicable at one point or the other. But the victor is the one who doesn’t remain in their mess and complaint of the stench. Victors stand up, take a bath after the mess, put on clean clothes and move on because that is what life is all about.There would be no success if there had been no failures. We are only successful because we learned lessons from our errors.

Don’t think worse of yourself  because if you haven’t died yet, this is your chance to improve. Thus Don’t waste it and don’t equally think you will always get a chance because those who died last night thought so too.

Don’t live in self judgement because you will have a tendency of seeing only your weaknesses, forgetting that you equally have tons of strengths. In such a life you will never find your purpose, which is why you are likely to live unfulfilled lives.

When people remind you of the wrongs you have done, don’t get back into your old self with regrets, shame and criticisms etc. Rather tell them boldly that yesterday is gone with all that happened in it.

In all, don’t judge yourself poorly, for there would be no other lens to view yourself and your weaknesses will over stay their welcome.

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