3 Reasons to Love Yourself Like Nothing Else Mattered!

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves struggling with who we are. We could be in denial  and desperately want to be  others and might even go to the extreme just to achieve this. Some people wish for some particular body types while others wish for a particular size  or complexion. There are other who even want a complete change of family etc.  Living in denial of who you are is among life’s biggest sources of frustrations. You may find yourself settling for whatever is available or doing stuff that compromise your values just to keep up with it. Living without self love contributes to inner conflicts. Such is the reason why you might succeed in changing sizes and complexion etc, but still remain unhappy. There is nothing as frustrating as being at war with your own self. It doesn’t matter what you tell yourself on the outside, you know what lies in the depth of your heart. 

Reasons why you should love yourself…

It is the only way to find and receive true love:

As the saying goes, you cannot give what you do not have and you cannot receive what you do not give. If you love yourself, you will know how to love others. If you treat yourself right, you will know how to relate to others appropriately, and will get the same treatment from others. It is human nature to respond to things we see. If a warm hug comes we give a warm hug in return and if a cold hug comes, we will not only snob in return, but we will retaliate if possible. Loving yourself will also boost your self esteem and confidence. Confidence and self esteem are the two things that determine our relationship experiences. A confident person will never settle for less.

There is something special about you.

You have special abilities and hidden potentials meant for a special purpose.  So, don’t struggle to do stuff like others because you were never meant to be like anyone else. You are born to thrive! Start looking for those special gifts and exploiting them because that is where your success lies. Avoid trying to be someone else because you cannot use what they have  to fulfill your own mission. It would be like putting an animal’s heart in a human being and such a person will not survive because the animal heart cannot sustain the full functions of a human being. Thus take a moment and find your gifts and start using them. It may take a while to fully exploit them, but remember that every journey begins with a step.

Someone else is praying to have the things you ignore.

The very things you have no regard for, are the things other people are dying to have. At every point in your life, someone somewhere needs something which you already have. So while you spend time hating your looks, someone is dying to see. While you hate your body, someone is longing for a chance to get out a sick bed. While you are equally wishing you could sing, or talk like others, someone id hoping for a chance to talk and even use their voice, no matter the tone of it. You are super duper blessed!

If you try to transform a garden into a swimming pool, it would lose its strength to produce plants because seeds cannot grow in clear water. Thus don’t try to be anyone else but yourself. Love who you are for you are truly special.

Reflection: Proverbs 31:25

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