10 Steps to Continuous Self Motivation

Self-motivation is like “Tylenol” to the mind. In life, there are high and low moments. Sometimes the low  moments stay longer than expected for varied reasons and drag us down. Learning how to bounce back is what I am going to share with you today.

For a start, it is important to note that building self motivation starts with a self decision. You have to decide on what you want, how you want to feel, etc and work on getting it.  The reason we lose motivation is often due to problems that we find difficult to overcome such as negative public opinion, shame, fear, failed attempts among others. Whatever your particular situation may be,  below are steps to build self motivation and break through your walls

The 10 Steps to self motivation that will turn things around:

  1. Identify your root cause and fix it: As earlier mentioned, whatever causes you to lose motivation needs to be addressed before you can learn to stay positive and confident. For example, if you are tired of failing over and over on the same thing, you may want to slow down and objectively ask yourself what you are doing wrong, or why you want to do what you do in the first place. Some times we lose motivation because we are not willing to correct our mistakes and start all over; or simply because the”why” is not good enough. At other times your low moment may be due to negative criticisms. With this, you need to decide what part of your life you want to show the public because people only comment on what they see. Decide on what opinions to take and what to drop like a dead bit.
  2. Find your life purpose: Take some time out for self discovery and find your life purpose. The children born in every generation are each given unique abilities and talents to meet the needs of that generation. This is why we are told to live our lives according to our life purpose. So take out time to discover yours and put it to action. You have tons of abilities dying to be discovered. You may have focused so much on one talent and its not yielding fruits because the other ones in side of you which are needed to make it work are not in use. There is nothing as fulfilling and motivating as living your life’s purpose.

  3. Self appreciation: Learn to love yourself. As you step out of your bed each day, give yourself 2 minutes before the mirror to appreciate your self. Complement yourself  in the words you are dying to hear others say about you. Every living person has something to be thankful for about themselves and you are no exception. This could be particularly helpful if you feel bad about yourself. The error we make is that we want to be like “A” or “B” because they seem likable. If you ever think you need to be like someone else to be loved you are mistaken because you are exactly who you were meant to be. Beautifully and fearfully made. Trying to be someone else would mean wearing their shoes, walking in their path and worst still, trying to live their dreams; and you can imagine how much frustration would await you.
  4. Forgive others:  Unforgiveness is another major cause for low motivation and down feeling. Forgiveness is an act of love and it frees us from karma and inner battles. Thus forgive those that hurt you and free your soul from bondage. It may be all you need to bounce back.
  5. Positive thinking: Our experiences in life are a reflection of our thoughts. It all starts in the mind. Some people call it mind power, subconscious etc but I choose to call it faith. As you think it, so will you attract it. Whatever you focus on, you meditate on and you bring about. Thus train your mind to dwell on the bright side of life despite all the odds your eyes might see. Your eyes will definitely see physical realities but your mind’s eyes see beyond these physical realities and to it, everything is possible. Thus, it is good to depend on faith by training your minds eyes to see the bigger picture, and dwelling on it despite the limitations your eyes might be tuned to.
  6. Visualize: This is just like positive thinking, but with a difference in that you take the positive thinking a step further. You don’t only think the thoughts, you paint the pictures of that dream desire in your mind. Remember that ever righteous desire must come to pass because it comes from God. Thus if you can agree that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven, so shall it be. To visualize is to put your faith in to practice. Imagine the nature of your success, in whatever you want and keep that picture expanding with thanksgiving to God.
  7. Praise: Praise is the one way I have known to boost people’s motivation from very low to super high. If you are not the God kind of person, it’s unfortunate because you may stay way too long in your low moment, So I will encourage you to join the God people because you have everything to gain yet nothing to loose. Listen to praise songs and sing along if you can. You will be surprised how much impact that will have on your motivation.
  8. Affirmations: This has to do with speaking the words that bring life on to your current situation. Using “I am …” with faith in Christ Jesus. This is one technical aspect of jumping out of low moments. I call it technical because it only works when you do it right. If your heart is crowded with anger and hurt, your words will have little or no impact. As earlier mentioned, forgive others, and rid your mind of anger then the words from your mouth will be a declaration.  You may not feel better immediately after but if you make it a habit of saying it over an over, you will certainly feel better and even use it to encourage others.
  9. Smile a little more. Challenge yourself to a smile every day even when there’s nothing to smile about. It will gradually be a habit. Smiles generate positive feelings.
  10. Do charity: Sometimes all it takes to feel better about yourself is to see others in worse situations than you are. This would make you appreciate your life and see that your situation is not a problem at all. For example, visit the sick in the hospital, or the needy in a homeless shelter etc

It doesn’t matter what circumstances you face, decide today to get out of it and embrace the new life that awaits you. Don’t be afraid to start all over if you have to, for it is often the best way to correcting an error. Your state of mind depends on you alone. You can change it if you want or continue to feel sorry for yourself and waste the many opportunities God gives you at the dawn of each day.


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