Anger is deadly. Don’t give it chance.

Anger is deadly and should not be given a chance to ruin the future. Nothing productive comes out of anger but destruction. No one in an angry state makes good judgement and the reason is simple. An angry mind emits so much negative energy and the mind overshadows the mind. It is a dark force caused by frustration from a provocation and thus suppresses  the wisdom in people.  Such is the reason why in anger, even the wisest people can sound so foolish.

For an angry person to find peace there must be an outlet. It is unfortunate that some people mistake an outlet to mean any form of expression and use others negatively. An outlet is not same as being violent and using someone as a punching bag. Rather it is by finding ways of  releasing that negative energy in you. Don’t be the kind of person that beats people up when provoked because the negative feeling is never released by such a move. You may think you would feel better  but a few minutes after, the feeling of regret would start to float in your mind and this will build up  more frustrations in you.

I remember the times I acted in anger and 99.99% of the times, I regretted my actions afterwards. Sometimes I wished I didn’t say the things I said but words can not be taken back. They are like water, when poured out can not be put back in a container. Thank God  for the wisdom and maturity He blesses me with as I mature because now I know that anger only successfully brings out the fools living inside of us. Learning to maintain control in anger is never easy but every effort always has a reward. Today, I have learned how to manage anger and feelings of frustrations without engaging myself in activities that will make me feel horrible there after.

Below are smart outlets for anger.

  • Take a deep breath: Breath in and out multiple times releasing the air through your mouth with the “huuuuf” sound. Though it might seem impossible to do in the heat of anger, it is quite doable and worth the effort. The deep breath influences the way your brain processes the situation and also reduces the intensity with which you would have attacked the problem. It is like pressing the pause button on a remote control to give your attention to something else.
  • Go for a walk:   Walk out of that scene of provocation for at least 5 minutes. Take a walk and if you are unable to do so, just move to another room/department until you feel your brain relaxing. Find something else that can distract you for a moment as you walk along. The logic behind this is that when you take a break, you get the chance to think things over before you react. A walk will help you process the situation better and if you should choose to talk about it later, it is likely to be a message and not a confrontation.
  • Go shopping: This is fun and I love it. It is the easiest way to get distracted from anger or frustration. You don’t even need to have money to do this. You can just walk to a shop or a nearby market and simply eye shop. Personally, shopping works for me. If I am in that kind of situation, I go shopping and by the time I am done, I  am often no longer as mad as I was before and most times, it becomes a bygone.
  • Sing:  Singing will sooth your brain and give it reasons to focus on something else. Just find a song you love and get on it. As your brain struggles to find the lyrics of the song, it shifts its attention from that provocation to the song you are singing and you will feel your nerves start to calm down.
  • Communicate: If you are provoked and you do not let people know that their choice of words or behaviors annoys you, they will feel justified to continuously hurt you. Therefore always make an attempt to express yourself. Tell people how you feel. Don’t be confrontational but be conversational when you do this. This is why it is wise to first calm down from the provocation before you try talking about it. However, if after calming down you choose to ignore it, you must endeavor to truly let go of it without which, it will keep you down like a prison and every time something similar happens, it will be like reopening old wounds.

If anger is not expressed, it could lead to something disastrous in a person’s life. Unresolved anger is often the cause of aggression and other attitude issues in people. However, don’t go for the “strike the nail when it is hot” approach because sometimes the reaction to a provocation could cause irreparable damages.

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