How to Snap Out of a Bad Mood

High and low moments are a part and parcel of human existence. It could be a mood swing, influenced by sad memories from the past or worries about things yet to happen. Sometimes it is the hurt from a disappointment or an unsuccessful attempt at  something we desire. Irrespective of what it is, we can snap out of the sour mood if we make the effort. Below are some practical ideas on how to jump out of a low moment.

Share your problem with someone you can trust: We have often heard that a problem shared is half solved. This is because, by sharing it, you release your mind from the negative pressure and the burden of that problem. Sometimes all it takes to elevate our moods is to share our worries with those we can trust and seek advice from them. So if something bothers you so much, rather than stay in a sour mood trying to figure it out all by yourself, it may help you to share it with someone whose opinion you can trust.

Listen to good music and Sing along: This may sound akward because most people find a reason to sing only during happy moments. But the truth is, singing uplifts your spirit. Find a music you love that brings back beautiful memories and listen to it and sing along if you can. You would be surprised at how much comfort you would feel and how better your mood will get as you sing.

Self dialogue: Self dialogue is very good when handling some personal issues you can’t find yourself sharing with others. Try to think of the things you love about yourself and say them to yourself repeatedly. If you can’t think of something to appreciate about yourself, think of a complement someone had once given you that made you feel good.  Better still, reminder yourself of God’s promises because his words always bring inner peace. (Romans 8:28). Just replay the words into your mind repeatedly and let your mind absorb it. You would be surprised at how much better you would feel after the exercise.

Volunteer:  Get out of your homes and lend a helping hand to any neighbor or community project. Usually such volunteering puts you among people who are less fortunate than you are and who are likely to have more problems than you do. The effect of this is that it puts you in a spot of inner appreciation as you begin to thank God for atleast the little you have which others don’t. This will improve upon your mood. Volunteering works miracles to the mind and the spirit.

Smile: There is nothing as contagious as a smile and sometimes we need to be contagious to ourselves. A smile can generate positive feelings and shift your mind from its present sour state into a happy one. It doesn’t matter the cause of the bad mood, always find a reason to smile. It is of no use feeling bad over things you cannot change. A second passed can never be regained so don’t waste the day.  If something makes you feel bad and you cannot avoid it, play with it and it will give way. Frowning at it,keeps it around for a longer period and worsens your mood.


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