Taking Responsibility for your Actions. Why It’s So Difficult

Taking responsiblity for your actions is a sign of maturity. If people don’t spend time blaming others and denying  their faults, they would gain more wisdom and credibility. You can not learn from an error if you don’t admit to it. In other words, it is until you realize your contribution to a circumstance that you can gain wisdom on how to fix it.

Acknowledging your faults and taking responsibility for your actions would make you a reliable and trust worthy person. When things go wrong, cease from blaming everyone but yourself. Pointing fingers always end with all other fingers pointing back at you.

No one is responsible for your success but you. If things don’t work out as planned, rather than look for whom to blame for the failure, ask yourself what part you had to play in it. Stop playing the role of a victim because it is turn off to all around you. Simply put, take responsibility for your actions. The person with the complaints is often the one with the solution.

Stop complaining and take responsibility for your actions. The moment you start acknowledging your errors, would be the moment everything esle in your life will begin to change.

Why It’s Difficult for people to take responsibility for their actions.

Pride and Arrogance:

Some people consider acknowledging their faults as a sign of belittlement. It makes them feel less important and less credible. A proud and arrogant person will consider an error as proof of incompetence and because they think they know it all, nothing wrong is ever thier fault. It is like lossing control and so a safer escape will be to blame others. They will rather defend than admit.


While growing up some people were spoilt and raised with the misconception that they were never wrong. They got wwhatever they wanted even at the expense of others. They are used to getting away with everything and having others suffer for thier mistakes. When such people become adults, they continue with that attitude, never seeing thier own faults.


Some people suffer from an inferiortiy complex. As such aknowledging thier faults makes them feel vulnerable. Admitting an error will throw them off balance and would make them lose thier self esteem and confidence infront of others. Thus to avoid such a situation, they look for whom to blame for their actions.

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