Taking responsibility for your happiness: Points to consider.

When a child is born, he/she is nurtured until he/she gains independence. But if you zoom in, you would notice a pattern in the nurturing. In the first year, the child enjoys total dependence- fed, bathed, carried and put to sleep  etc.  In the second year, the parents reduce the level of dependence for example,  child learns to feed self,  and go to sleep without too much pampering etc. As the child grows older, the attention continues to reduce until the child gains full independence. This is natures way of building a sense of responsibility, confidence and independence in mankind.

Somewhere along the road, the huddles in life gets overwhelming and some people lose this sense of independence and turn to lean so much on others, burdening them with the responsibility of catering for their moods, and feelings. Blaming others for their state of mind and their low self esteem and inabilities.

Though some bad experiences  in life can throw people off balance, it is not enough to stay off the road because staying off the road might result to loss of interest, lack of ambition, and a lot more lows. However, you can always turn things around with the right approach to life.

Now take a minute before the mirror  and try smiling at your image.  Keep the smile on for about 30 seconds. Then also try to frown at your image for another 30seconds. You would notice that it takes only your efforts and decision to either smile or to frown. This is how we ought to approach life taking responsibility for our daily moods and behaviors. Life is about complementing persons and situations. If everyone acted just like you there would be no word as “fun”. Enjoy the differences in others because they only make life more interesting. When people are acting crazy around you, take a minute after the complaint and look at that “crazy”, and you just might see how you contribute to it.

Don’t try to change those around you for you will only increase your frustrations. Remember that people only change when they decide to. You can’t really change anyone; rather you learn to accommodate them and when this happens, you start appreciating and find your peace and happiness.

Happiness is not a life without challenges. It is a life of triumph. A choice of peace against all the “crazy” that surrounds us.


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