5 Breathtaking Facts About Human Talents and Gifts.

Your talents and gifts are your biggest source of lasting prosperity though you might never get to exploit them because you are busy walking in other people’s shoes. You are amazing! You are loaded with abilities capable of making you the best you can be and providing you the best you can. Your talents and your gifts are your God given wealth. If like many people you can’t differentiate between the two (talents and gifts), you could consider your talents to include the things you can do without effort such as writing, talking, fine arts, engineering, singing, sports etc. On the other hand, your gifts are your abilities such as influence, experience, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, kindness etc. Interestingly, they always work together.


5 Things To KnowAbout Talents

It’s Natural:

Talents come naturally and blends with our gifts to make us excel in our fields of work. You don’t have to learn a talent in school. For example, a sales person with a gift of influence and a talent in communication will certainly excel. They make sales look so easy. Talents are inborn and flow naturally while your gifts flow naturally you become more self conscious ( knowledge of God, who you are, your purpose etc). Thus if going to school, ii should be  to learn the etiquette/rules of conduct in exploiting your respective talents, it is worth the effort. Anything other than that is a waste of time and resource because you would hardly ever find satisfaction. You are likely to be struggling with it, among others who have it naturally. It is wise therefore to find what comes to you naturally and fine tune it.

Source of Employment:

Your talents and gifts are your biggest employers. It is unfortunate that most countries have defined education in one direction (get a certificate and look for a employment) and as such their people are get certificates hoping to get a job instead of build one. However, if you exploit your talents you would be self sufficient.  For example, imagine you discovering that you were talented in speech at a younger age, you would probably be writing speeches for a living now. Also imagine you discovered that you understood the physics behind building engines at a younger age, you would probably have built a flying car as an alternative to planes and helicopters. Talents are just awesome and should be exploited for every reason. Encourage your kids to find their special abilities and help them to develop it because that would be better than any gift you could ever give them.

Source of Promotion:

Talents can make you a leader over night. You could move from a no body to a respectable and famous person with the snap of a finger just by exploiting your talents. A combination of your talents and gifts would make you outstanding in the midst of any sort of competition. No two people have the same ability on their talents even if those talents are the same. So each person excels in their own field. We were all meant to thrive. We are born leaders but we can only lead in that which we came into the world with. Some are singers and others are writers; orators, story tellers, engineers, Mathematicians etc. Find your talents and you will find your own field and you would be glad at how amazing you could be.

Freedom from Competition:

When you know your talents and your gifts, you break free from the unhealthy habit of competition. Competition is some mental slavery promoted among people today. Some say compete with those higher than you so that you can be like them. But that is so wrong. You were not meant to be like anybody else but you. It is recommended to use the success stories of those you admire as a source of motivation for you to tap into your own potentials and nothing else. Don’t get into competition with anyone because you are trying to prove a wrong point. You are great at what you do and they are great at what they do. Tap into your abilities and excel further in what you do and not trying to be better than A or B.

Source of Self Motivation:

Your talents are your natural source of motivation. When you find what you are great at, it becomes a natural fall back in times of distress. You tap into it every time a low moment strikes. A typical example is music. When a musician feels sad about something he/she takes to singing as a source of comfort and when they are discouraged about something, they sing their through it. Your talents provide you self motivation


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