Ten principles to a better life

  1. Start and end everyday with prayer. It’s a reminder and reassuranceĀ  of God’s love.

    Sun Flower, Flower, Flowers, Yellow, Bee, Sky

    Smile warmly at others. It keeps the mood in check and you get tons of smiles back.

    Baby, One Hundred Days, Bye, Todler, One, Crown, Smile

  2. Kiss your husband/wife and kids every day and tell them “I love you”

  3. Woman, Young, Rain, Pond, Background, Pretty, Beauty
  4. Keep a calendar of activities and make efforts on your goals. This leads to success.

  5. Greenfinch, Bird, Foraging, Garden
  6. Speak positive words to self. It keeps you on the positive side and makes it easier to overcome low moments.

  7. Girl, Think, Woman, Female, Fashion, Lady, Thought
  8. Lend a helping hand whenever you get the chance. You will always get a helping hand whenever you need one.

  9. Apples, Apple, Fruit, Table, Summer, Harvest, RipeCheck on your parents/family. It brings brings peace to your soul.

  10. Brothers, Family, Siblings, Boys, Love, Together, Two
  11. Try not to judge others and also forgive. Unforgiveness imprisons the mind and soul.

  12. Romance Couple, Hugging, Wool Coat, Winter, Snow
  13. Try to make today better than yesterday. You will be glad at your sense maturity.

    Berries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Fruit, Mature

    Strive for a balance in life. Make time for fun, work, and God.

    Blossom, Bloom, Flower, Wild Flower, Close

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