Ten Things Happy People Do Everyday

  • Start and end every day with a prayer. Those who put God in charge of their lives are sure to make it.
  • Smile warmly at others. It keeps your mood in check and you get tons of smiles back.
  • Kiss your spouse and complement you kids every day. A good kiss renews every bond and every complement motivates good behavior.
  • Tell those you love how you feel about them and let your actions prove it. Today may be all you have with them.
  • Keep a calendar of activities and make efforts on your goals every day. This leads to success.
  • Make positive confessions. You are a reflection of the words you speak frequently.
  • Lend a helping hand whenever you get the chance. You will always get a helping hand whenever you need one.
  • Try not to judge others and also forgive. Unforgiveness imprisons the mind and soul.
  • Try to make today better than yesterday. You will be glad at your sense maturity.
  • Strive for a balance in life. Make time for fun, family, and work.

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