The link between your beliefs and realities.

It all begins with a thought. As time goes on, it moves from thought to belief and all beliefs form a strong conviction whether positive or negative. A strong conviction results to utterances which then brings what was thought and believed to pass.

You must have been told at some point to speak positive words; or think positive thoughts; or better still believe in the positive. But I wonder if you were told that if there is no alignment between all three- thought, belief, and words, it would not yield desired results. Such is the reason why some people grumble that they speak positive words yet nothing good seems to come from it. Make your expressions align always with your convictions. Don’t say it if you don’t believe it! Therefore work first on your beliefs so that the positive words you speak will carry the faith needed to bring forth what is desired. Positive words that do not come from a place of strong conviction, is nothing but lip service. It is like throwing water on a ducks back.

In the same way, if the positive words come from a place of negative convictions, it frustrates the true desires of the heart, because the words are empty. This therefore means one thing… whatever we accept on the inside, we receive, be it good or bad and the reverse is true for whatever we reject.

“Enjoy the week, working on your belief system…Every good experience starts from the inside.”

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