Down the Road, on the Path of Life:

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different?” C.S. Lewis.

Life is what it is and what you make of it shapes your opinion and makes your story. People say it is a game of chance but I say it is a game of choice. There is a trophy for all who play, and all who make it to the pole. Unfortunately not everyone gets to the pole because some get scared and discouraged by the fierce attack on the field. The world was made perfect. The only imperfection is in the mind of man.

If something is not working as desired, take a moment and reassess the situation from a hand lens. With it, you would surly find other angles to the problems you never knew existed. Very often the solution to our problems lies inside of us but only a few get to make use of it.

Nature is beautiful in the way it shapes us. Sometimes it cajoles us with its beauty. At other times, it snatches our joy, and shows us the stuff that dwells inside of us. It pushes those in our circle to unconsciously show us our dark sides and our innermost thoughts. Be it in good or bad mood, people around us are always a reflection of our thoughts and feelings. When we are happy, everyone joins the dance and those who can’t find a step in our happy dance give way. We enjoy favors and nature complements our efforts, and gives us more reasons to dance on. On the other hand, in sadness, fear or worries, the music changes and again, nature gives us more reasons to remain sour and bitter. Nothing seems right and people throw our weaknesses in our faces. For example, I used to wonder why people spoke rudely to me or treated me poorly when I did them no offense. The truth I found is that I might have done them no offense on the outside. But deep inside of me, I put them in that position by my thoughts of them or others and I got it back in return.

Such is the reason why it is said, the solution to our problems, lays in us. Thus, the wisdom in a frustration is to find our contributions to it. Only so can we fix whatever it is. This is because the thing that makes us sad is often inside of us and every other thing outside is only a trigger. For example, a woman will fight her husband who doesn’t complement her beauty but the actual cause of the frustration is not the look warm attitude of her husband, but the self doubt and lack of self confidence that dwells inside of her. The reaction of those outside only trigger that inward frustration to surface outwardly. If everyone took care of the man in the mirror, we would live a life full of bliss, as we walk down the road of life.

The path of life is beautiful to those who appreciate beauty but cruel and unfair to those who judge it.

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