How to Heal From Guilt.

Guilt is a form of self torture. It is among the many causes for depression and can lead to untimely death. It burdens your soul and keep you trapped from within. It starts with a sigh of regret over trivial issues, and moves into months and years of self blame. Living in guilt brings shame, fear, insecurities and comprise of personal values. It leads to self condemnation, low self esteem among others. The reason is because guilt is in alignment with sin. However, there is a way out of this and that is true confession, which is acknowledging your offense without defense and repenting of it.

True confession takes away the burden from your shoulders. Thus if you can’t confess to the one you wronged, go tell a man or woman of God who can pray for you.

Below are reasons why you should confess.

It brings healing:

Confession heals the mind and frees the soul. Guilt is self imprisonment and a confession opens the door of that prison and sets you free. Confess because you deserve some peace. It keeps you in self check and you would find yourself being cautious to avoid history from repeating itself.

It blocks karma:

We often hear that what goes around comes around. The things you do to others always have a way of finding their way back to you. It is like falling in your own trap. But one thing that frees people from the law of karma is confession.

Reflection: Isaiah 54:4

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  1. I enjoyed this post. It reminded me that choosing not to forgive someone has similar affects and can serve as our prison. It’s interesting how the two, confession and forgiveness, affect both sides.

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