The Power of Confession

Guilt is one thing that can cause untimely death because it arrests us from our smooth daily lives and keeps us under self pressure. It is a major cause for depression and the root of many evils. When we live in guilt, we lose control of our fears and this only brings in more frustrations our way. Sometimes, guilt makes us victims of ourselves because we turn to be very critical and judgmental of ourselves.

Guilt could come from many things but the one that bothers us most is the one which makes us compromise our values, or hurt the people we love. It might be for reasons beyond our control but the cause doesn’t reduce the impact of the guilt. It doesn’t really matter why you did it, so long as you can’t forgive yourself for doing it, you need to confess it.  Dwelling on the reasons why you did what you did, only gives you room for more excuses to live in guilt.  A confession is the best way to attaining peace from guilt. People often think that confessions must be made only to those whom you wronged but very often it is about letting go of the burden you carry. Because guilt is a burden. But always make sure the person you confess to, can relief you of your guilt without which it would only attract more pain.  Thus if you can’t confess to the one you wronged, go tell a man or woman of God who can pray for you. Below are reasons why you should get rid of that burden you are carrying.

  • Healing:  Confessions are one sure way to healing our minds from guilt. Guilt is self imprisonment and a confession opens the door of that prison and sets you free. Don’t confess because you think you are making things better for anyone else but yourself because confession is a personal thing. If you see confession as a form of personal healing and improvement, you would see that every confession you make relieves you of a burden.  It keeps you in self check and you would find yourself being cautious to avoid history from repeating itself.
  • Block karma:  We often hear that what goes around comes around. The things you do to others always have a way of finding their way back to you. It is like falling in your own trap. But one thing that frees people from the law of karma is confession. Karma comes because our state of mind while in guilt only attracts our fears and as such we find ourselves in the similar situations we had put others through. Thus confession frees us from this because we clear our minds up and put our fears under control.

Thus it doesn’t matter what excuse we make for ourselves, guilt is harmful to our being and so we need to let go of it.

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  1. I enjoyed this post. It reminded me that choosing not to forgive someone has similar affects and can serve as our prison. It’s interesting how the two, confession and forgiveness, affect both sides.

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