The Power of Effort. 7 Great Rewards From Your Struggles

Life is an ever flowing stream of abundance that never runs dry. Those who dip in their buckets never leave empty. However, the size of your buckets determines the amount of bucket you can get from it and that bucket represents your efforts. There is always a reward to every effort we make in life.

1. Efforts bring knowledge

Every time you make an attempt in any area of life, whether the move results in a success or failure, it teaches you lots of other things you need to know about that particular path. If you do not make an effort, you never get to know what you ought to know about the things you do.

2. It Unveils Hidden Abilities

Efforts unveil your inner abilities and strengths. When you tap into one, others show up. You would never know what dwells inside of you if you are not pushed to wall. Everyone has a unique ability which many never get to know about but when you make an effort, it reveals more about you that you didn’t know about.

3. Increase in believe:

When you make an attempt, it keeps you on the side of positive thinking. The reason why you make a move is because you hope for a positive outcome. You believe in your ability to get that which you are venturing at. This action increases your self believe and draws you closer to success. Your efforts will strengthen your believe because you leave from idea to practice.

4. Strength and confidence.

It is only with an effort that you would know what your loop holes are and how to fix them. Without an effort, you will never know what works and what doesn’t. It causes you to see failure as a teacher by taking up lessons from the fall not not dwelling on the failed attempts.

5. Efforts make you brave.

A successful person fears no fall because he knows that falling only means a wrong move and when he stands up after the fall, he immediately redirects his steps into the right move. It makes you brave and never afraid of trying.

6. Positive Thinking.

The very fact that you decide to make a move on your dreams, helps your mind to focus on the possibility of having it. The whole concept positive thinking is about believing in yourself and trusting God to bring to manifestation the desires of your heart. When people make an effort on their dreams, they usually have very little room for doubts because all they can think about is success.

7. Increases Will Power and desire.

Efforts build in you the desire and will power to follow your dreams and get it done. Desire grows as you take a step towards your goals. When you take action towards getting your heart desire, your willingness to put in more efforts grows stronger and your desire for success also increases.

8. Increases Motivation.

Your efforts give you reason to keep moving forward. When you face low moments, look back at how far you have come, how much efforts you have put in and you will find motivation to keep moving forward.

9. Brings Inspiration.

The very moment you decide to make a move on something, you gain ideas on how to go about it. When you make a move on achieving your dreams, you begin finding inspiration on the little things you didn’t take notice of.

There is always a reward to every effort.

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