The Power of Praise. The Path to Upliftment

“When you enter His presence with praise, He enters your circumstances with Power”.

Praise is a big expression of honour and glory to God. It takes a heart that understands the presence of God to acknowledge Him. The earth is established on priniciples and everyone of which has a reward for those who either obey or faulter. For example, when you give, you receive. And when you don’t, you remain in lack. In the same way, when you praise, you are raised, and when you don’t, you remain.

There are many reasons to praise God be it in good or hard times because every second of our lives is a blessing from God. It could be for life, good health, finances, peace, happiness, love, etc.

4 Reasons why you should Praise:

Praise Honours God.

It is an act of worship and worship is an invitation for God to do more in your life. When you acknowledge the hand of God in your life, you open the doors of your heart, to receive more. To those who have, more will be given to them and to those who have nothing, even the little they have will be taken away from them. People with honest wealth, know the importance of praise and they make it a part of their lives. They are humble to acknowledge the fact that everything they have is not by their effort but the work of God.

It builds faith:

Faith is said to be the things hoped for and praise is an action that justifies that hope. It is like believeing you will have something and already thanking God for it even when you have not yet had it. It prepares your entire self to receive the things you hope for. Those who trust in God can never be disaapointed. Thus in that art of praise, you reassure your mind and soul that God is in charge and all things will work for your good.

Praise generates  positive thoughts and emotions.

You know the connection between your thoughts and your emotions and how they can both affect the outcome of your experiences. When you prase, your mind focuses on possibilites and for that short moment, even in harship, your mind sees only the positive of what you have or desire and with this positive thoughts, your emotions become exciting and you feel happy. Whenever the heart feels true happiness, it is open to receive the blessings meant for the person. A complaining heart is closed and so is the mind and the emotions are sad and nothing good can come out of such a person.

When next you faced with a situation, choose to praise because it might just bring you to your solution.

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