The Power of Family: Where Life Begins and Love Never Ends.

Family is where life begins and love never ends. It is a place for endless hugs and true discipline.

It doesn’t matter where you were born, or how you were raised, if your family background makes you hate yourself or family members, always know that you can make a difference if you decide to.¬† This is not about changing people trying to change them, but it is about showing them that love is real. Let the love in you glow so much that it burns down their imperfections. Be the one to make the call and check on your relations even if no one checks on you. Be the one to visit them even if no one visits you.

Don’t be embarrassed by your relations. It is funny how people wish others were their parents instead of thanking God for the parents they have/had. Nothing happens by chance!. If your family doesn’t make you proud, don’t wash your hands off them because you may just be what they need to see the light.

Don’t be the kind of person who has made it in life, yet despise your family members who don’t meet up to your status. Share your blessing with them because that is why you were blessed more than they were. Don’t give alms outside if you can’t help the financial crisis at home. Such giving doesn’t bring you any Divine reward, but for human applause. Remember charity begins at home. Don’t be selfish because even the children you bear will treat you same tomorrow. Karma is always outside waiting to strike back until you have asked for forgiveness.

You can not trade family for anything in the world. It is unfortunate that while some people would give anything in the world to have a family, others with families never for a moment think they can loose them and as such take them for granted.

Never abandon your family for no reason. Always let the love  in your heart glow so much that it suppresses all the imperfections in them.Remember you have as much influence over their behaviours by the nature of your thoughts of them. Wish them well, and the wellness in them will spring gradually.

You only live once. If you got the chance to see this day, it is a chance to forgive one person that hurt you, love someone you didn’t care about and sincerely love the ones you already loved.

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