The Healthy Way to Forgive: Focus On Self!!!

Most times when we talk about forgiveness, we focus on either forgiving people who have offended us or asking for forgiveness from those we have offended. However, we unconsciously neglect the third side of forgiveness which is the forgiveness of self.

In as much as forgiving your offenders and asking for forgiveness is important, forgiving yourself is key to a healthy and positive life. The failure to forgive yourself results to guilt and shame which are root causes to most unpleasant personal experiences. Guilt will result to fear and fear will bring to birth other vices like aggression, arrogance, pride, low self-esteem, to mention a few. This is because when in guilt, you consciously build attitudes in order to hide your shame. Some people take on pity, doing everything to win continuous sympathy from others. As they try to make people feel sorry for them, they put themselves always on the low side and this behavior unconsciously feeds their minds with negative thoughts of self. As such their confidence wears out in bits and they end up in very low self-esteem. On the other hand, others take on anger, blame and hate in a bit to scare people’s attention away from their guilt. They become rude, arrogant and aggressive.

A  guilty mind provides an easy entry for the devil. Therefore, irrespective of what the guilt may be, ask God for forgiveness and believe you receive it when you ask. Also forgive yourself and free your mind from the guilt and your heart will be free from fear. Don’t be your own enemy.

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