The Way Forward To Those Problems

We cannot evade the lows of life nor can we run away from the problems life throws at us. Sometimes we ask why things happened to us in the first place. Well the answer is obvious; to teach us something new because life is a learning process and that’s what makes it beautiful.  The reason behind this is simple. God loves you too much to hurt you but at the same time, He wants you to continuously grow so that you can make the most out of life. Therefore He lets nature throw stuff at us. Just as we welcome the good ones and rejoice, we must welcome the tough times too and grow. Growth comes in stages thus different people have different trials depending on what area of their lives need improvement.

However, the amount of time we spend in tough times and challenges depends on how approach the problems we face whatever they may be. Below is a smart move to make to overcome challenges and urge in breakthrough.

A Quick Guide to the Way Forward

  • Pick up the lessons: Every trial has a lesson in it. It could be to warn you about the things you take for granted or to teach you about gratitude and appreciation. It could also be to teach you humility, forgiveness or to teach you about true love (selfless love). Look deep into the problems you face and you will know exactly what lesson the trial or problem you face has for you.  It is interesting to note that you cannot snap out of a problem without picking up the lessons they brought. When you fail to learn the lessons, different things will keep happening until you find that lesson God wants you to learn. Sometimes you might feel like it is finally over but suddenly things start crumbling again and you wonder what the problem is. You probably didn’t pick up the lessons. Look for the lessons and you will see how things turn around.
  • Change your priorities. When you pick up the lessons, you should make an effort to shift your priorities towards those lessons.  For example, if gratitude is what you have learned from your challenge, make an effort to be thankful and this can be shown by taking care of what you already have rather than waiting to take care of what you plan to have.

Thus when trouble comes knocking, no matter what it is, when you are done brooding; keep an eye for the lessons for that is how you solve it. Remember you cannot step out of the dark without first seeing the glimpse of light in it. Failure to do so will only cause you to trip over and fall.


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