Reasons Why Complaints Delay Personal Growth

When life throws lemon at you, a natural tendency is to complaint and frown especially if you are not interested in lemonade. You may not see anything good about such a sour fruit, in times of need. But here is the thing…in complaints, you would remain only in a position to receive many more lemons.

Nothing good comes out of a complaint because an expression of frustration always leads to unappreciation and ingratitude. Constantly complaining about the things that don’t work out in life often results to more frustration.

There is a saying that he who complaints remains because it keeps you stuck to the ground, looking and frowning at the things that irritate you,. A negative approach never leads to progess.

When things don’t go right, rather than spending so much energy complaining about all the “why”, “who” and “what”caused the problem, look for how to make it better, for that is where your progress lays .

Life is a riddle and most times  the things we are in search of are delivered to us a like parcel in a gift wrap. It takes patience to take off the gift wrap and get to the actual gift. But often, we see the wrap and get upset because it looks nothing like what we are looking for. We complaint and nag, and ofcourse abandon the parcel which should have brought forth our heart desire.

It is a normal human tendency to complaint but cease from making it a habit. If you cannot handle a challenge, you would not appreciate success.

Thus let go of the complaints and adopt an attitude of praise and appreciation. Those that praise are often raised. They trust in God and believe that all things work for their good and as such are patient as they unwrap their parcels. Receive every thing life offers you as a parcel in a gift wrap . Don’t get discourged by the complex nature of  your parcel. You woul definitely rejoice at the end.


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