The Three Stages to Breakthrough

Breakthrough is a sweet experience to those who finally get there. It feels like reaching the end of the tunnel and the bright light washes off the dark films in your eyes. When breakthrough is near, there is a tendency for your trials to double. Those who are conscious stay focused and find the lessons in the difficulties and move on. They change their priorities, renew their mind, using their positive energy to overcome the problems. Every biblical figure that was considered rich and famous, blessed, etc went through trials to get the blessings they enjoyed. Some were slaves and became kings, others were barren and became mothers of many children; some lost their families and possessions and received it a double fold.  For God to transform a layman into a king, he needs to acquire true qualities of leadership- humility, appreciation and love. Such qualities are not learned in a class room but from hard times. If you do not know what the poor man experiences, you won’t be empathetic or sympathetic towards them. You also won’t know about humility and will lack the ability to love and be loved. When you look at the lives of successful people who were not born in wealthy families, you would notice that they are more down to earth than those who were born in wealth. They can easily handle stress and other life’s challenges because they had acquired the mindset to do so during their tough days. Those who were born in wealth have very little understanding of this and will break down to zero when faced with challenges and stress.

Thus whenever you find yourself in difficult moments, know that breakthrough is around the corner  because the darkest hours are the hours near dawn. Whatever the trial is, stay focused…don’t give up for breakthrough is near. Remember the darkest hours are the hours near dawn. Below are three stages to breakthrough.

Stage One: Trails:

These are unfortunate situations that break us. They bring out the worst in us and make us sometimes wish we were nonexistent. You might feel like life is not worth living; or that everyone hates you; or that you are a failure etc. While you cry and confide in others, don’t lose focus on your dreams. It doesn’t matter if your efforts are not good enough or if the disappointments keep coming etc. See your problems, challenges, frustrations, disappointments etc as trials and test which you experience while in that suffocating tunnel and yet have to fight for victory. When you are near breakthrough, trials are meant to teach you the life skills which can’t be learned like other skills from a class room. It is God’s way of making you stronger in the areas you are weak in or most vulnerable in. If you are selfish and have pride issues, your challenges will teach you humility, kindness and generosity. If you are self righteous, arrogant and ungrateful, judgmental, and critical; your challenges will teach you appreciation and love. God wants you to always be at the top of your game but when you lack the qualities of true leadership, you can’t be at the top of your game and so He steps in. He will allow nature to put you in situations where you can pick up these life skills and leadership qualities- humility, appreciation and love, kindness etc. The moment you are able to decode this, you start seeing your difficult and sad experiences as trials/test, and can better face them and stand up even if the fall was hard.


Stage Two-Priorities.

In times of trials, you need to re-examine your priorities in life because this will help you pick up the lessons you need to learn faster. If your hardship is in line with money issues, you would want to change your priorities. If it has to do with a disappointment, you want to also change your priorities. You might have forgotten all other things necessary for happy living and concentrated so much on building your relationship. When a disappointment comes in, you need to revisit those aspects that you know were important but you consciously or unconsciously abandoned. When you are facing tough times, you need to change your priorities to get your breakthrough. When you change your priorities, you pay less attention to things that don’t add value to your life. For example, everyone wants the latest designer outfit but you are not interested because you don’t see what that will add to your life. You stop doing things just because everyone is doing them. You try to put your values in front of your choices and go for the things that contribute to your growth. You may even find yourself working on relationships you didn’t cherish, or walking out of the ones that are not adding anything good to your lives. This is the time when old friend start telling you how you have changed and how you’re no longer the fun loving and  easy going person they used to know. Don’t let those comments bother you because they just can’t understand that you are operating on a higher level where there is purpose to everything you do.

Stage Three-Change of Mindset

When breakthrough is around the corner, your mind changes completely for the better.  It feels like you have been washed clean. The things you used to hate and despise become very insignificant to you. The difficulties and the trials become your learning point. You start seeking lessons more than brooding. You become open to positive energy and very conscious of your environment and of God. You begin appreciating the things you took for granted. This is the moment when you  wish well for everyone around you. You no longer see people as a threat and all your insecurities fade away. You feel like a brand new person and just then your mind begins to tap into your inner self. You start discovering the untapped potentials. You become very confident and acknowledging that there is a God.  You start praising more and complaining less. Even when doubts and challenges spring up you are conscious of the fact that they won’t kill you because of the strength and the grace you have drawn from your trials.

When you get to the last stage when your mindset becomes renewed, then breakthrough comes in and you laugh again. This time, the laughter is so loud and sincere because it comes from the heart. You see your desires unfold before you one after the other and you see how humble, appreciative and loving you have become.  It affects your relationship with everything and everyone around you positively. You consider more of what you have to offer than what you have to gain.


Thus if you are going through the worst moments of your life, don’t give up. Rather decode your situation and stay strong. When God wants to make you a king, he will let you go through trials because in your low moments, you will learn godly attributes such as humility, love, forgiveness, kindness, etc which you would need as great leader. But if you should fail to learn the lessons, you delay your breakthrough, for trials only fade away when the lessons that came with it have been learned.

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