3 Keys to Making Good Decisions.

The décisions you make today determines your future experiences either positively or negatively. Your current situation or condition is a product of of yesterday’s choices and décisions. Good choices work hand in glove with wise décisions and so too do bad choices and poor decisions. Thus, be it in tears or joy, always settle for the right choices, for they will lead you to good decisions. Don’t wait until you get to the river before you find a bridge because you might never get the chance.

Below are the three key points to consider when making décisions.

Values and Principles.

Let your décisions always be aligned with your values and principles. Before making a choice or deciding on any thing in life take a moment to consider if your decision compromises your values or principles. What sacrifice do you have to make for your décisions. If any decision will cost you to sacrifice your values or principles, know that it is leading you in the wrong direction.

Your State of mind:

Before making any decision, consider your state of mind. Are you influenced by your emotions, or the pleasure of the moment etc.Your best décisions are those made in a state of calmness. Avoid making décisions when angry or tense because such décisions will always have heavy repercussions. It is better to delay a decision and do it right than to be qucik with it and regret there after.

Peer Pressure.

Peer pressure always has very negative influence on people. Sometimes the choices we make go against everything we believe in just because we want to gain public approval. Let your décisions not be influenced by what people think or what they expect from you. You can’t live life trying to please people because that is not your role. Quit trying to win approval by making wrong choices and poor décisions because they can only give you temporal satisfaction and a longer period of heart ache.


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