True Friendship: More than Jewels

There’s nothing more comforting than knowing someone’s got your back. A true friend is worth more than a thousand jewels. The kind of friend who defends you in public and in private tells you in all honesty the shit you are made of. Someone who is more than just a confidante and is so loyal that they protect your interest at every point in time. They applaud you when you do something right and won’t hesitate to tell you in your face when you are acting crazy.

Though people say true friends are rare to find, I say we all have an opportunity to make such friendships at one point or the other. Do you remember the kids you played with while growing up? What about the ones you met at high school, or the people you met at work and other times of your life? Some you were so close to and others you only thought of them when you had a need. Some you exploited and others you chased in vain.   Those were the moments to build true friendship. The kind that last a life time. Unfortunately, some of us get caught up with the tangles of life and we lose them. Sometimes it’s for reasons beyond our control and other times we simply change our status and no longer consider them a part of our league.

Friendship is an important part of life and everyone needs a friend. However, many today can’t boast of one true friend which is why some people find solace in their pets. Pets can only listen, which is good but they can’t talk and so can’t give you advice when you need one. The problem is not that true friends are rare to find. Rather it is that many people expect from others what they are not willing to give to people. Are you the kind of person who can’t spend time with others yet want people to visit you on the weekend? The kind of person who doesn’t call others yet attacks people for abandoning you? Are you the kind of person who finds it hard to complement others yet accuse those who don’t complement you as being jealous? What kind of person are you? Answers to this will help you know if you have a true friend or can at least find one.

There are people who socialize with  so many people in their inner circles and they feel great and popular but among them, none can be trusted. Such people often live a lie because they have to maintain that fame and good face even if it means compromising their values. It is of no use to have a crowd around you when none can have your back. But if you are the kind of person who doesn’t have anyone’s back, who wants to take the risk with you?

A true friend is a jewel worth protecting. As you look into your inner circles to find that one person you can call a friend,  watch out for those who never see your faults because they are fake. They are the ones who will smile at you and tell you how great you are but they would go behind you and mock you. Pay close attention to those who are always talking to you about others because that’s the same way they talk to others about you. Watch out for those who call you when they have a problem and when it’s all sorted out, they continue their lives as if you are nonexistent. Such people are exploits and don’t care about you.

You want to look for those who want to share your joy and sorrows. Those who add value to your life. They kind of people who will readily pick your call at short notice. You want the  people with listening ears and whom you can listen to as well. Look for those whose advice you can trust and whom you know will encourage you in doing the right thing. Not those who will push you to do stuff that will make you want to hide your face in shame the very next minute.

One thing I have learned in life is that if one can’t find such a dear friend among all those with whom they interact and socialize, it means they have a problem. It is not the world that is bitter but they themselves. Life is a two way traffic. What you give is what you get. If you want true friendship, you must be willing to offer a hand of sincere friendship to another. Show someone you despise some love and see how much changes it will bring into your own life.

We all need  the experience of true friendship in our lives.  One true friend is better than a hundred relatives. Sometimes, it is all that is needed to mend a broken heart or to send a wayward child into the right path. Find one for yourself and if you are already blessed enough to have one, be thankful.

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