True Optimism Is Way Beyond Positive Thinking

It is good to be optimistic and hope for the best in life. But without a good move to address today’s reality , tomorrow will remain bleak, irrespective of how positive you may think you are. Joy only comes in the morning to those who find the learning points in the frustraitions that cause the weeping in the night.

There’s something more to optimism which many seem to overlook. In my humble opinion, it is way beyond being positive. Ït is hoping for a better tomorrow while attending to today’s reality.”

Sometimes we are caught up with  situations and instead of learning the lessons, we lean on the kind words of hope from those around us …”tomorrow will be good;  today will pass and tomorrow will come;  weeping may last for night but joy comes in the morning” etc etc.

All these will be true if only we attend to that which caused the weeping in the night.  To ignore the causes of today’s troubles is to neglect the lessons that they bring. To such a person the morning comes with no promises of joy.

Be Wise!!!

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