Trust Your Steps and Walk Your Path

As you walk down the road, be sure to meet all kinds of people. Like all roads, the path of life is full of all kinds of junk but never let the crazy ones stop you from reaching the finish line.

Some will smile at you in admiration, offering you the assistance they would give a brother. While others will smile in mockery, hoping you fail.

There are those who will ignore you but will show up if you get hurt. And the reason is simple, they will rather be quiet than say anything to discourage you. Yet there are  others who will ignore you and  not give a damn about even if you lost your leg.

Some will sound like they care yet consider you an obstacle and  even make attempts to get you out of the way…

All these make the walk of  life what it is. The naysayers make us stronger as we fight their negativity to prove our point, And interestingly they will join the spectators to clap when we succeed. Thus, develope a “thick skin” and don’t let their bad breath get into you. Just trust  your steps and  keep walking.  However, when you feel all drained out, remember the smiles of the well wishers because they will give you the motivation and encourgament you need to carry on.

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