Know Who You Are and Find Your Passion

In most African countries, children are raised with the professional dependency syndrome and this can be blamed on the poorly designed academic curriculum which trains the citizens to take up whatever is available in the job market. As such people join the work force and even retire without ever finding their passion.

Do you remember the days when you were told that vocational education was meant for those C students who were not intelligent enough to process the “regular” education? These C students were often sent to learn a trade (vocational training) meanwhile the A students were sent to acquire general education. The A students were groomed to desire the usual professions like doctors, lawyers, teachers among others. On the other hand the C students in vocational training thought of what they were really good at and exploited every opportunity to improve on it. They discovered their talents and found their passion earlier in life and ended up as business owners; product developers, designers, inventors among others. Today, they are the ones with the fat pay checks, job satisfaction and fulfilled lives; employing the “A” students.

                    Finding Your Passion

Life they say is not a bed of roses but it is also not a farm of thorns. To those who find their passion, avoiding the thorns and braving the fall is not too difficult because all they think of is the harvest. Their minds are fixed on one thing-the results and not the process; which is something those without a passion find difficult to comprehend.

Finding your passion is an essential part to a successful and fulfilled life. We are uniquely made and everyone has a talent with special abilities on that talent. In other words, only you can do the things you do the way you do. To those who know their talents, finding their passion is much easier. To such people, what may be boring and a turn off to others is their source of motivation. This is because the fulfillment they get in the service and the impact it creates.


However it is unfortunate that many people never get to figure out what their talents are and as such never find a passion in life. They just live by the day, hoping for something better but never doing enough to grab it. Most people get caught up in other people’s schedules. Others are workaholics and even on an excellent pay check but can’t find fulfillment. The thought of a Monday morning is sickening to them and when they start off each week, they can’t wait for the weekend. Such attitude is evidence of dissatisfaction and inward unrest.


                               How to Go About It

If you haven’t found your passion, the following steps can help you discover your talents and find your passion.

Identify your motivation: Take a piece of paper and write down the things that motivate and inspire you. You need to know what your source of motivation is and where it lies. This is about finding your drive. In other words, what is it that makes you look forward to another day? What is it that puts you back in your mood after a tough day at home or at work?


Identify your dreams: Go down memory lane to your childhood days. Now write down the things you loved doing most back then. Write down the things your friends loved about you. Write down the things you had wanted to do so badly but didn’t ever get the chance to. Think of what you wanted to study and ask yourself if what you ended up with actually reflects those days. It’s never too late to redirect your path.


Identify what you do with ease. Think of the things you do effortlessly and write them down. You want to know the things you do without strain. What is it you do that everyone seems to complement you about? This could be just anything. What is it you wish you could do but never seem to find the time? It is all about the things you are great at and often don’t need any formal education/training to get it done.


Discovering your talents is the way to finding your passion. Knowing what you are good at, and putting it to work is where the passion lies. This would be so fulfilling even when the reward is not financial. It would amaze you how much inward peace you would experience and the number of lives you can impact by simply identifying your passion. The reason we were given talents is to be self sufficient and also to create a positive impact in our communities, improving upon the lives of those around us. Even if it doesn’t touch the lives of thousands, it will touch the life of someone. Also never forget that to every passion there is a reward.

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