3 Ways to Bring your Dreams to Reality

“The best way to manifest a dream is to Wake up.” …Paul Valery

There is only one way to your dreams and that is by believing you can make it. Believe is the core to everything. What you believe in is what you actually receive. Your believe is what would determine whether you would be positive about the dream or be negative about it. Those who believe they can do it keep going even when the world thinks they are stupid and doubt the possibility of them achieving what they are after.  It can be frustrating to use the positive words and visualize yet have no visible results in the project you desire.  The common error is that most people stop after the visualization, hoping for the manifestation of their desires.  It is true that what you think about you bring forth but there are certain things that accompany positive thoughts on a dream. It must be backed by an action.

How to turn your dreams to reality

Write them down.

Writing down a dream is the initial point in the process of bringing forth a dream. There is a process with everything in life. You did not just become an adult over night. You left from stage to stage, body to body. That is to say you left from baby, to toddler and adolescent and then to adult. In the same way you need to bring your dreams into a process. It cannot jump from your head to the market. There is always a process even in the cycle of production. Thus consider your dreams as a product or service already in existence and write your ideas as they flow. As you write, endeavor to put them down in a constructive and orderly manner. Imagine you were being asked a question about your dreams and you had to explain it to someone and write your dreams down clearly as your explanations would be. This becomes the first physical reality of your dream. It no longer lives in your head, it is an actual project.

Visualize them:

Visualization is the process of building visual images of your dream/goal in your mind. It générâtes a feeling of acomplishment as you think and feel the emotions of success generated by your mind. As you visualize your dreams you need to summon those good feelings about that product. If you wrote them down in an orderly manner, you would be able to get into those very good feelings each time you try to imagine the success of the dream. But if you still find it difficult to do so, think of any other thing or event in your life that made you happy and replay the event in your mind. This will summon the emotions you felt at that time and when you are finally in that happy state, connect to your dream and imagine the success of it. Visualization is all about imagination. It is an act of faith. It places a demand of your soul.

Act as if:

This is the core of it. Faith without action is dead. When the dream has been written down, and visualization is done, you get on with it as if it has already happened. Act as if the dream has already manifested and you are living the life your dreams. Start in the littlest way possible. For example, keep your present environment clean and tidy. Be kempt and look good like the successful person you want to be. Successful people take care of themselves and where they live. They appreciate their lives and live a life of gratitude. To act as if, is to put your faith in action.


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