How to Use Affirmations to Reshape Your Life

Affirmations, are spoken words usually used for the benefit of self, in certain situations and circumstances.  Affirmations could be positive or negative and whichever is used, contributes largely to life’s experiences. Positive affirmations should be considered as important as a worker’s manual. This is because it is an important tool to happy daily living. What the ears hear sink deep into the souls (subconscious mind). For example, some people suffer from emotional distress today because of what others said about them yesterday. This is why affirmations are very important and positive affirmations are paramount to a happy and successful life.

3 Reasons why you should use positive affirmations

  • Affirmations redirect your mind and train it to generate positive thoughts. Words are powerful which makes affirmations very important in reshaping and redirecting one’s life. When a word is spoken, your brain processes it and it generates emotions either positive or negative and your body reacts to them. The words that are repeated stick to the mind because after the brain processes it, it registers it to the mind and when this process continuous, it leaves the mind and moves to the subconscious mind where it rest. Whatever stays in the subconscious mind affects your life experiences by a 90% chance.
  • Positive affirmations speak light on to your condition or situation. They breakthrough the doubts and all the inconsistencies of the mind with reassurance of hope.
  • Positive affirmations deepen your faith and believe in God. Using positive affirmations  is like having a sword in our hands which the spirit gives you to strike the forces of darkness (negative thoughts) when they show up.

3 Effective ways of doing Affirmations:

  • Do them in the morning and in the night: Do affirmations in the morning before you start your daily activities. This is because it sets the tone of the day. It helps your mind to generate the positive energy you need to carry out the activities of the day. Do them again in the night because you want them to sink into your subconscious mind. Believe it or not, while you sleep your subconscious mind is still at work.
  • Do affirmations in the present tense. Positive affirmations make use of the “now” moment and not the future. Affirmations are meant to speak favour in your path and since favour is something you need for everyday living, you should make your affirmations to be in the present tense. Use words like today… Iam…etc
  • Do affirmations Repeatedly: Do affirmations repeatedly if you truly want to benefit from them. Be committed to them so much you meditate on them unconsciously. Don’t start them today and then skip tomorrow and later get back to them. This is because affirmations are surrounding the desires of your heart and you want to train your mind to visualize them, to generate positive emotions from them and so skipping days will make your mind to forget them and may sound like any other good music you heard and felt happy about but then forgot. Remember that what you hear often sinks deeper than the things you hear in passing. For example, think of the song you loved so much in church and continued singing even after service. You would realize that you sang it all through and even the next day when you woke from sleep, it was the first in your mind.

 12 Positive Affirmations that will change your life

These are some examples of positive affirmations that can change your life for the better

  • Today is the day the Lord has made. I shall rejoice and be glad in it.
  • Today, my God will supply all my needs.
  • Today, I shall prosper and live in good health even as my soul prospers
  • Today, God will bless the work of my hands
  • Today I shall be successful in everything I do,
  • Today, I receive my healing and I shall be better and stronger than yesterday.
  • Today, God will bless me with new Ideas. He will renew my mind and bless me with new strength.
  • Today I shall operate under the favour of God.
  • Today shall be better than yesterday in every area of my life.
  • Today I am blessed and I shall bless the lives of others as my God blesses me.
  • Today,” the Lord will glorify his name in every area of my life
  • Today, no weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that rises against me in judgment shall be condemn. For the Lord is my shepherd and the most high God my father. In Jesus name.

In order to enjoy the full benefits of affirmations, you need to be consistent. This will renew your mind and you will enjoy the blessings that come with it.

Reflections: Mathew15:11



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