3 Reasons to Use the Power of Your Tongue for Good.

“ Use your tongue to bless your life. Don’t just pray about it, also affirm it until you believe it”

Life is truly a game and those who play it well have a way around it. It is a game that rotates between our mouths, minds and hearts. When we are happy our mouths say very good things and when we are sad or worried, our mouths say another. In all, our minds play along and our hearts absorbs it, and tell our bodies how to feel about it. It is quite interesting! It is thus important to use your tongues right so that you can harbor the right stuff in your minds and hearts.

Reasons why you should use your tongues right.

  1. There is fire in the tongue and you can either use it to bless or curse.  Those who use their tongues right keep their minds always in a state of receiving. There can be no positivism without repeated use of positive words. That is because the mind needs continuous boosting to remain afloat and without the right words to self, the mind will lose it’s power to believe. So affirmations/positive words are like fuel to the mind.
  2. When a word is spoken, your brain processes it and it generates emotions either positive or negative and your body reacts to them. A good word generates happy feelings and attracts more stuff that will either boost or keep you in that happy mood. The reverse is true with a negative word.
  3. Whatever stays in the subconscious mind affects your life experiences by a 90% chance. Remember that the words that are repeated stick to the mind because after the brain processes it, it registers it to the mind and when this process continuous, it leaves the mind and settles in the subconscious mind (soul). At that level it becomes an order and whatever order you give your soul, it carries it out in details. The soul of a negative tongue lives in darkness and brings darkness onto the body-sour and ugly experiences.

Words are powerful which makes positive words very important in reshaping and redirecting one’s life. They break through the doubts and all the inconsistencies of the mind with reassurance of hope and this brings inner peace. Your mouth is the most efficient tool you have to change your life experiences. Thus using it right is in your best interest. (1 Corinthians 13:11).

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