The Power of Your Personal Experiences.

When life is beautiful we make merry and those are the experiences we long to share with others.  However, just as we delight in our happy moments, let’s take a similar interest in our pain and hardships, not to open up old wounds, but to see the changes it made in us and the scales that fell off our bodies as we emerged victorious.  That path of victory is what we need to share with others without shame. Don’t  use your tough experiences in life to attract sympathy on to yourself. Rather use it to bless the lives of those listening to you.

Your tough experiences in life surly taught you the things you needed to be a better version of yourself. Without which God would have never allowed it to happen. It doesn’t matter what that experience was; ask yourself this question…Are you the same person you were yesterday? Do you appreciate the person you have become today?

When you are able to do this, you would begin to appreciate your trials and would use every opportunity to help someone overcome. If what troubled you didn’t kill you, it definitely made you stronger. Therefore use your lessons to encourage others who are in the place where you have been.

No experience is too small to share. You never know whose life you would be imparting positively as you tell your story.  Let your experiences be a source of motivation and encouragement to other people. Don’t wait for the huge crowd and the standing ovation to tell your story. Do it in the least way possible. The people whose lives you might change are always around you.

Someone once said God has blessed each an everyone of us with a gift and to some He gave multiple gifts among which is the gift of experience and influence. Whatever it is that you had to go through in this life to be where you are today, or that you had to endure, would not have happened to you if God didn’t think it could help you and bless those around you.  Remember you never face what you can not handle unless it was not of God.

Thus your experiences are a gift which should be used for the growth of others. Your story of success in overcoming your trials, will definitely be the words of comfort and source of strength to some people.


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