Tips on Wearing Plus size Jeans

Most plus size African women don’t feel too comfortable in tight fit clothes especially trousers. Some say it makes them feel weird and others say it simply makes them loose confidence. What most plus size women don’t know is that there is beauty in those curves and so there is nothing to be embarrassed about. All it takes is the right combination of clothes and if it’s jeans, a little stretchy is awesome.

How to wear Plus Size jeans

  • When shopping for jeans, go for the stretchy ones and choose a dark shade most preferably. This minimizes the size of your butt and amplifies your curves.
  • When buying tops to wear on your jeans, go for the ones that have a fitting¬† top and are a little flare at the waist line. This will give you a perfect fit on your jeans and make your waist line appear smaller.¬† However some people like it all slim at the top. It’s great too on a high waist bottom



Plus Size Jeans, Curvy Denim

Plus Size Fashion for Women - LACE N LEOPARD: Domino Sparkle

If you must wear slim fit tops, you can add a jacket of any design on it. This also gives your butt a firmer look and a slimmer waist line. However if it’s a high waist jean you can do well without a jacket and your butt will still be all sexy.

Cuttin It Up High Waist Blue Cut Out Skinny Leg Jeans Plus Size


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