Wedding Cakes You Won’t Believe Exist.

The wedding cake is about the most important aspect of a wedding party. Without the cake, the party becomes a meeting. The wedding cake signifies the first official meal for the couple. It is a symbol of unity and generosity between the copuple and thier guests. In some parts of the world especially in Africa, it is a symbol of unity between the couple and their in-laws, demonstrated by the couple feeding thier close fmaily members before the cake is shared to the guests.

What is facinating about wedding cakes is how some couple use it as a show of wealth while others keep it simle. Quite interesting!!!

Below are some wedding cakes you won’t believe exist. But guess what, they are so real they’ll make your first official meal memorable.

The Fairy-tale Castle

This fairytale castle wedding cake features incredible sugar work detail, including a carousel of horses and hundreds of flowers

Pastel espectacular


Hologram Cake. This is the latest trend in cakes. The A projection of light in and around the cake with different visual effects. It is breath taking.

Image result for hologram wedding cakes

Image result for hologram wedding cakes


Very elegant.

have fake wedding cake except for the top layer, sheet cake for guests

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