Wedding decor ideas that will keep you dreaming

Elegance is the one thing that never fades. Sometimes what wows the guests is not the food and drinks, or even the bridal train. It is the decor! I am talking about the kind of decor that makes single people long to walk down the aisle; or the already married ones want to remarry.

Let’s fill you with some ideas to inspire your wedding planner.

  1. Simple but classy.

    This is for those people who are not fans of flamboyance but want to maintain some class. The use of big bold center pieces and some lighting will make a huge difference.

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Exotic: There is nothing wrong with wanting your big day to be extravagant and exotic, so long as you can afford it. You don’t have to make it simple if you don’t want to. It’s a special day and deserves all the fanfare.

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2. Outdoor :

You can have an outdoor event and still make your guest fill like they are in a hall thanks to the shade. Did you know you could use umbrellas instead of the usual canopies?

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3. Traditional: If you are the kind of person who always want a part of their roots in everything they do, this is probably your style. Get some traditional cloths  and dress up your tables or chairs. It will change everything.

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