Wedding Favours Your Guests will Love

Wedding Favours are the gifts that your guest take home after the party as a symbol of appreciation from the couple. As time goes on, this concept is gaining more grounds in African. Irrespective of the gift type, there can be no great wedding party without wedding favours or  “suvenirs” as known in some French speaking parts of Africa. In a typical African setting, the guests may be marveled by the decor, the cake, the bridal train, the food etc but the absence of a take home gift could turn a beautiful wedding party into a sour one.   Check out these wedding favors ideas and become a pace setter.

Chocolate Candy.

Flip Flop Slippers. ( You can order them in your wedding colors. Remember people always need s change of shoes after all the party movements. If you are a typical African family, you understand what I mean…

Scented Candles: With the common African problem of power shortage, your guests will definitely love to take a candle home and add to their alternative sources light.

Umbrellas: You can also do these in your wedding colours.

The whole idea behind wedding favours or “suvenirs”  is to appreciate your guests for sacrificing time to celebrate with you. Thus give them something that can last beyond the wedding party.

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