Wedding Night Fun: 7 Ideas for an Awesome Experience

Wedding nights are simply amazing. They make  beautiful memories needed years after the wedding.. If you are a bride, we’ve got tips that will wow your man and make your wedding night feel like a night in a fairyland.

Tips for an awesome wedding night

  1. Slip into something sexy. It can be anything soft, silky but it should point in one direction, fun! Find something flattering that your man hasn’t seen before. If you are not the lingerie kind of woman, try a hot-color lacy string pant and a lacy bra. Keep his imagination running wild as you parade the bed room, for a little moment giving him room to gaze on. If you are shy, its okay to walk straight on to bed. But if you are the upfront type of woman, how about you dance for him in that lingerie?

2. Go yummy before the sexy. Wedding parties can drain the newly wed off energy so you can make the night last longer by eating certain foods like chocolate. Eat in in bars or runny. Play with it as much as you want and enjoy it as well. Chocolate is said to contain caffeine and a feel-good chemical called phenylethylamine, both of which may put you in the mood for sex, even if you feel exhausted.

3. Play a game in bed-“Find the sweetness.” Blindfold your man’s eyes and pour some “sweet something” on your body and have him find his way to it with his tongue. You can use honey, chocolate etc. This is not just fun, it is a stimulant too for both of you.

4. Surprises: It is often great to keep the pudding until the deal day so that you can both enjoy its true taste. That notwithstanding, not everyone can withstand the pressures. Some couples don’t wait until the wedding night to have their first sex. However, you can  make the wedding night different from all other nights before then. Make it full of pleasant surprises. If he already knows all your tricks, think of something different to take him aback.

5. Have a recap of the day. This is the first day of your lives together as husband and wife. Let it start off on a good foot.  Take a moment to reflect on the activities of the day with your man and tell him what you really liked about the day. Tell him how special the day was and have one last toast to the beginning of a beautiful married life.

6. Make a Video Memoir: This is not a sex tape, but a video which you can make reference to as the years go by. This may seem insignificant but when reality sets in, you  may need it to boost your emotions and desires from time to time. In this video, tell each other how you feel about each other, and what you look forward to as a couple. Such a video is best after all the ride and steams of the night.

7. A bath for two: The usual thing on wedding nights is for the bride to slip into her soft and sexy lingerie to impress her man. After the wedding gown is off and the man’s suit is off too, all that is going on is the obvious wedding sex which may not last long due to the fatigue and all what not. But to make it last longer and make the night even more enjoyable and pleasurable, the couple should start with of a bath for two. This is not the regular shower etc. Fill the bathtub with look-warm water and play with each other, gently talking and scrubbing each other’s back as you do so. The temperature of the water is not cold to turn you off and not warm or hot to send you to sleep. It is just good enough for the comfort of the night. It will keep the energy high and the desire growing.

Its your wedding night. You have every right to enjoy it.

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